Arthur-Pjanic, record gains for Juve and Barcelona. Only officialdom is expected


All that is missing is the official information for the exchange between Juventus and Barcelona which he sees involved Miralem Pjanic is Arthur. The two players today underwent medical visits to JMedical. The two players will end the season in their respective clubs and will only change shirts in the 2021-21 season. In the event of an injury, the deal would not be in doubt, but the care would then go to the recipient club.

It was a long day for the two midfielders, who began their medical visits shortly after 10 am ending them in the afternoon. The Brazilian has already signed with Juventus, while for the Bosnian it’s a matter of hours. In any case, only the official communication of the two teams is expected, who will score a super capital gain: 47 for the Bianconeri, 49 for the Catalans. Press releases expected by June 30th for budgetary reasons.


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