Arthur, Juve is ready to close: it’s his week


There are seven days to 30 June: a week for the latest market operations related to the 2019-20 financial year, decisive hours for the capital gains useful to stem the losses of a season devastated by the virus. And therefore are the seven decisive days for the exchange PjanicArthur that sees Juventus is Barcelona interested both from an economic and a sporting point of view. Because the sense of exchange for the bianconeri would be to rejuvenate the squad, lower the number of engagements and bet on a midfielder with great potential. On the Catalan front, however, it would be a question of having a very experienced player for the midfield like Pjanic and realizing a very useful capital gain for a bad balance. That’s why the club is trying to convince Arthur, the most refractory to accept the solution. FabioParatici, last night in connection from Bologna, explained: «We have spoken frequently with Barcelona. Both teams are playing big games, so for now we have postponed. It’s not a question of June 30th, but of agreement between the parties, of conviction of the players, let’s say I don’t make it a question of timing ».

Meanwhile, the Barça television has strangely thought of quickly publishing the documentary made in recent months on Arthur: “The origins” in which Arthur explained: «« My reference points have always been Xavi and Iniesta ». Also because June 30 is approaching and the operation that should bring him to the Juventus Stadium – with Miralem Pjanic ready to travel in the opposite direction – is on the way straight. The last few weeks have been decisive: on the one hand, direct and indirect pressure from Barça and on the other the ruthless court of the Italian champion club seem to have had the desired effect. And yes, because if on the one hand it is true that the former midfielder of the Gremio di Porto Alegre has not yet uttered the much coveted “yes, I want it”, it seems that a century has passed since his entourage sent back to the sender all sorts of speculation: «It does not move». The truth, however, is that Arthur has only recently moved from the Barça bench in the latter period. Quique Setién made him understand that he was his fifth midfielder, inserting him in the eleventh holder only during the championship match against the Leganés tail light. In fact, when the eleven Blaugrana type took the field, Arthur was always on the bench.

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