“Arthur has not yet opened to Juve, Juventus and Barcelona desperate …”


The journalist Tancredi Palmeri also took stock of the possible Pjanic-Arthur exchange in his editorial for Tuttomercatoweb. Here are his considerations: “Welcome to the Serie A World Championships, those that are played in the summer with watermelon after dinner on the balcony while there is football until night. Maybe they will not be as exciting as the real World Cup (not even remotely to tell the truth ) but it is already a sweet custom to have live football that always flows in the background to our lives. We lose a little sacredness of waiting for the championship day, that Saturday of the Italian football village preceding the Sunday of the Serie A, but on the other hand there is a continuous championship that flows fluidly and becomes the background soundtrack of the summer, a pleasant sports festivalbar that is as fun as a one-off.
While everything is looming, every match, Atalanta-Lazio and Inter-Sassuolo now, but already the return of Juventus 48 hours later, the market does not stop anyway. Not so much and not only because of the now cloying corollary of the always transfer market in a permanent session of football itself, but because even if the season is extended by two months longer, there are however deadlines that cannot be postponed.
Many thought that the postponement of financial fair-play was a sort of free amnesty for everyone, and instead it is only a part of the problem not even in the majority, because there are terms that beat the timing of football, for the simple fact that they do not have nothing to do with football.
Because they have to do with the economy, with the stock exchange, with what follows. It is hardly surprising that once football clubs become money-making companies.
And therefore, for those who have problems in the income statement that transcend the indulgence or not of financial fair-play, the deadline of June 30 is perhaps even more important than the championship finale.
Budgets are closed, and therefore the accounts must return. It is not known if and how much they will return based on the Champions earnings – which this year in a single game can send the profit and loss account to hell or to heaven – and therefore who is in the red and has to recover most of all, now must run.
And here we come to the news of these days. Arthur. The writer personally considers him one of the five strongest interns in the world. I have seen him live several times, both with Barcelona (where sometimes playing may seem simple) but above all in the winning ride in Copa America with Brazil, where he was without a shadow of a doubt the soul of the carioca game as to be clear Modric or Xavi knew how to be for their national teams – with due proportions of course.
If Paratici closes, and even if he manages to do it by defusing Pjanic (this is, no disrespect, but that’s the way it is), it would be one of his best shots, in an already rich career.

But the news we can give is that to date Arthur has not made any opening to his transition to Juventus. Sources close to the player confirm, literally: “Nothing has changed compared to days ago”. We take the liberty of adding an ‘for now’, if only because the market is an indomitable beast.
But to date Arthur still strongly wants to stay in Barcelona. Despite Juve’s 7 million a year which more than double his salary at Barça, despite Setien’s semi mobbing trying to ingratiate himself with the Blaugrana leadership, excluding him, despite not being one of the most loved by his teammates – but neither is it unexpected: normal relationship, it can be said. And despite the good life off the field until December has created many problems for him, except then apparently to return to the right path.
But why this pressure from the two teams? Why does Barça want to get rid of it, being 23 years old and already being so decisive? And why in Barcelona would it be good to replace him with Pjanic, who is seven years older and certainly does not perform better?
And above all: why those strange evaluations? That is, Arthur valued at 80 million (very high, but perhaps only about twenty far from its real value) and Pjanic valued at 70 (totally out of this world, far more than double its real market value).
The reality of the facts is soon said: Juventus literally needs to write those 70 million on the balance sheet, it needs it for the June 30 balance sheet, and for the repercussions on the shareholders on the Stock Exchange.
But, coincidentally, Barcelona also justly needs 80 million to write to the budget by that date. Watch out for the details: Barça is not on the stock exchange unlike Juve, theoretically it would have more free hand, but it is not exactly like that. Because a rule of the club statute states that when going beyond a certain economic loss in the budget, the members have the right to present a sort of no-confidence motion towards the management. A real earthquake in the club that is still preparing for the next election. And guess the riddle: what is the figure that the Barcelona management needs to avoid that motion? That’s right, just 80 million (virtual are also good) …

This is why the pressure tout court that Juve and Barça are putting on Arthur, also thanks to the support of the media, is without neighborhood. He wants to win in Catalonia. We’ll see if he can last another seven days … “.



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