around him animals, weapons and drugs


A child a year and a half kept in a cage for dogs locked, and around him animals, weapons and marijuana. This was the shock discovery made yesterday morning by the police, who intervened to save an animal mistreated by its owners.

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It happened in Henry County in Tennessee (United States). As the local news site NewsChannel5 explains, the family of the child he lived completely isolated in a rural area, without the minimum hygiene standards. The baby was segregated inside the cage with all its toys, along with other cages where they were animals of all kinds: dozens of dogs and cats, but also hundreds of mice to feed to a three-meter boa and other snakes, chickens, rabbits and other rodents. All crammed in the same space where the child was also trapped.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” explained the Henry County sheriff. Inside the house the situation was in fact of total degradation: dirty rooms full of dog excrement, cockroaches and, in one place, even the missing floor. During the inspection, several dog carcasses were found and disposed of, as well as 17 weapons, 127 marijuana plants.

The police have arrested the parents of the child, a 46 year old and a 42 year old, and the not no82-year-old: The charges are of child and animal abuse, illegal possession of weapons, production and possession of drugs.

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