Armi to Egypt, the commission of inquiry into the Regeni case wants to hear Conte: ‘Preliminary hearing to continue the investigation’



The parliamentary commission of inquiry into the case of Giulio Regeni want to hear Giuseppe Conte. And consider the hearing of the premierpreliminary to the continuation than any other investigative activity “. Translated: before continuing their work on the murder of the Italian researcher, the commissioners led by Erasmo Palazzotto they want to hear the prime minister. The day after of Italy’s green light to the sale of two frigates Fremm in Cairo, it opens with the position taken by the parliamentary body created last fall to investigate the kidnapping, torture and killing of Regeni.

The commission calls Conte – “In light of the latest significant developments regarding Italian-Egyptian bilateral relations, the Bureau, integrated by the representatives of the groups, of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the death of Giulio Regeni deliberated unanimously to proceed to audit urgently the president of the council of ministers Giuseppe Conte also in relation to his recent direct dialogue with the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi“, Says Palazzotto, the deputy from Leu who leads the commission. A convocation, that of the head of government, which has already been communicated to the head of cabinet of Palazzo Chigi and which is linked to the commercial agreement for the sale of Italian military ships in Cairo, released on Monday by a phone call between the prime minister Giuseppe Conte and the Egyptian president Al Sisi. A green light that took the parliamentarians of the commission of inquiry by surprise. Today at Palazzo San Macuto the representatives of the University of Trieste should have been audited. After yesterday’s news, however, Palazzotto canceled the hearing, summoning the commission. “The Bureau – always explains the president of the commission – meeting in an extraordinary way today, canceling the hearing already scheduled, he also agreed to consider the hearing of the president of the Council of Ministers preliminaryfrom a political and institutional point of view, to continue any other investigative activity “. It means that the commission will stop its work and only after hearing the tenant in Palazzo Chigi will it know how and if it will continue. “The scenario has changed, we want to listen to the prime minister to understand the state of the business relations with Egypt and therefore draw our conclusions ”, they let San Macuto know. Palazzotto has repeatedly complained to the the lack of collaboration of the Egyptian investigators on the case of the young Friulian, kidnapped on January 25, 2016 and found dead on February 3 of the same year, on the road that connects Cairo with Alexandria.


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Palazzotto: “The family does well to ask for justice for Giulio” – On the case of the two frigates sold by the Italian government to Egypt, Palazzotto wrote a Facebook post in the evening to explain the decisions of his commission: “The choice of the Italian government to authorize an imposing sale of armaments, starting from the sale of two military ships which will be followed by a total of approximately 9 billion orders, represents more than a normalization of bilateral relations between Italy and Egypt. This is a choice it risks jeopardizing the search for truth and justice by sending the wrong message, namely that the death of Giulio Regeni belongs to the past. This is why today we have decided, in agreement with the members of the Commission, to ask President Conte to explain the reasons for a choice of this relevance. The state has the task of protect their citizens and to protect the legitimate right of the Regeni family to obtain justice for the death of the child. The affirmation of this principle concerns the system of values ​​on which our Republic is based, and there is no economic interest that can challenge them. As long as I am President of this Commission, we will work without giving discounts to anyone, however seek and find the truth. We do not owe it only to the Regeni family, to whom I thank you for the dignity and strength with which they continue to lead a battle of civilization, but to each of us “.

Parents: “We betrayed and offended” – The trade agreement between Rome and Egypt, in fact, also provoked the reaction of Giulio’s parents. “We feel betrayed. But also offended and outraged by Giulio’s use “, they say to Republic Paola is Claudio Regeni, together with their lawyer, Alessandra Ballerini. “The ships and weapons that we will sell to Egypt – they continue – will serve for perpetuate those human rights violations we have always fought against. ” Yesterday communicating that phone call with Al Sisi, the prime minister said he had “reaffirmed“To the Egyptian leader” la judicial collaboration in the Giulio Regeni case“. “Whenever you do closes a commercial agreement with Egypt, whenever he certifies that Al Sisi’s is a friendly government, bring up the name of Giulio as if you want to wash your conscience. No, so we’re not there anymore, “add the parents of the university researcher Cambridge.

“We will no longer lend ourselves to government teasing” – Several times the executive reassured the Regeni family that he wanted to shed light on Giulio’s murder. One was established in October parliamentary commission of inquiry, while the Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio he declared: “The time has come to change pace and attitude in relations with Egypt. The stalemate with Egypt is no longer tolerable. For us, the truth about Giulio’s murder is a priority that cannot be waived. ” “IS instead now this government has betrayed us“Say the family members of the young man originally from Fiumicello together with their lawyer. Attorney Ballerini has always been at the forefront of the protection of human rights in the African country. One of his consultants, Mohammed Abdallah, was arrested and imprisoned for several months in Egypt. The same country that continues to detain in prison, for almost 4 months now and without a regular process, the Egyptian student from the University of Bologna, Patrick George Zaki. “We said it from the beginning – Regeni’s parents and lawyer say – our battle is not only for Giulio but for all Julius of Egypt. Now, however, the limit has been reached. We will never again lend ourselves to any teasing by representatives of this government. ”

The trade agreement with Egypt – Eight months after Di Maio’s words, in fact, here is the go-ahead for the sale of the two ships of the Italian Navy: the Spartacus Schergat” and the “Emilio Bianchi”, For an estimated value of approx 1.2 billion euros. The sale of the two ships is part of one shop assistant even wider than that, as reported by Everyday occurrence, it should also include 4 other frigates, 20 offshore patrols by Fincantieri, 24 hunting Eurofighter Typhoon e 20 aircraft Leonardo training M346, plus a satellite from observation, for a total value between 9 and 11 billion euros. The decision to give the green light to the deal has already been shared with the top management of Fincantieri, who were in talks with Cairo and awaiting the export authorization of the two ships. Leu – the party of Erasmo Palazzotto, chairman of the commission of inquiry into the Regeni case – she expressed herself in a manner contrary to the sale of frigates. Incidentally, if Conte announced the call with Al Sisi explaining repeatedly the request for a “judicial collaboration in the Giulio Regeni case“, The name of the Italian researcher is never mentioned in the statement from the Egyptian presidency which broke the news of the interview.

The reactions, Pisapia: “Understandable family outrage” – The trade agreement with Cairo has also provoked reactions on the political front. It is above all the parliamentarians of the Democratic Party – by Giuliano Pisapia and Laura Boldrini – who criticize the agreement with Egypt: and not only for the events related to Regeni and Zaki, but also for a purely strategic question. The Undersecretary of the Interior Vito Crimi, interim political leader of the M5s, instead defends the operation: “Not selling frigates to Egypt would not have brought any added value in the path to reach the truth about the death of Giulio Regeni”. “It is understandable that disdain of the Regeni family when he says he feels betrayed by the Italian government, “he writes on Facebook Pisapia. The former mayor of Milan, today MEP dem – defines the revenge of the two frigates as yet another “error and yet another missed opportunity. The Italians are tired of the countless promises that the Egyptian authorities have failed to fulfill. It applies to Giulio Regeni, it applies to Zaki “. “My bitterness is profound. The sale, with the consent of the government, of two military frigates from Fincantieri to the Egyptian regime is considered a wound. Patrick Zacki is still being held in prisons and so many opponents of the dictator. Since four years Sisi boycotts the investigation on the murder of Giulio Regeni. Promises and commitments of the institutions seem written on the sand. We cannot be silent. A country has a lot of foreign policy and starting from human rights rather than from interests is also a way to regain authoritativeness for Italy in the international arena, “says Ms Dem, Barbara Pollastrini. He thinks the same way Lia Quartapelle, another MP of the Democratic Party: “The sale of the two military frigates of the Italian Navy to Egypt carries with it great risks. Not only should international efforts go towards military de-escalation in the region, but Egypt is not our ally. To this must be added the lack of collaboration on the Egyptian side both on the story of Giulio Regeni and that of Patrick Zaky, testifying to a lack of attention towards Italian requests “. “I want to express my deep opposition to the sale of war weapons to Egypt, a country governed by a government that hinders the search for the truth about the Regeni murder and who has been holding prison for four months Patrick Zaki“, He says Laura Boldrini, former President of the Chamber and today member of the Democratic party. On the 5-star front, the deputy Yana Er writes a long post on facebook, in which he explains that he does not agree with the Rome-Cairo agreement, among other things “because we are talking about a authoritarian regime with systematic human rights violations, arbitrary imprisonments, repression of dissent and persecution of political opponents, journalists, trade unionists, and human rights defenders. Reliability and respect for human rights are achieved through concrete actions, not through commercial agreements. ” On the other hand, the position of Crimi interviewed by Peter Gomez at Sono le Venti: “I would like to emphasize that we are not giving away ships but we are selling them. Egypt has asked them to various countries and we have the opportunity to supply them, in fact it is one economic maneuver. Instead, I am convinced that thanks to the efforts of diplomacy and the work of President Conte, perhaps we will get some results. ”

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