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Alberto Di Majo

The arm wrestling over the schools begins. After three months of stop, the future of Italian students remains indecipherable, although in almost all European countries the institutes are reopening (or have already done so), for sure there is only that the boys will not return to school this month, if not those who have to carry out the oral test of the maturity from next June 17. But even the green light in September is not certain. The government’s desire to reopen the buildings next school year clashes with the requirements of the technical-scientific committee which are stringent and, in many cases, difficult to achieve in our institutes. And so while half of Europe has been moving for some time Italy risks falling behind.

In recent months in Germany, France, Spain and Denmark some schools have been renovated or expanded and the classes have been redesigned to ensure that each guest does not host up to thirty students. Some institutes have also replaced the old desks with single posts. In Italy the situation is more complicated and the government has preferred to leave students at home, forcing parents to overwork. In the meantime, Minister Lucia Azzolina has considered several hypotheses, including that of organizing different shifts so as not to crowd the institutes (and not even the means of public transport) and to foresee the activities that can take place in the courtyards or in the gardens of school complexes.

But the picture is still undefined and even the majority parties are beginning to express many perplexities. Italia Viva, who has been asking Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte for some time to be less cautious to avoid the collapse of companies, intervened decisively .. «The government has a duty to listen to the protests of the principals against the risk that the school will not reopen in September for thousands of kids. The indications of the technical-scientific committee, as it was immediately understood, are unachievable for a good part of the Italian schools. They become recommendations, indicate models towards which to go, but they are not accepted as exclusive criteria, otherwise in September there is a risk of social disaster »writes Deputy Michele Anzaldi, a member of the Chamber Culture Commission on Facebook. “Distribute to schools – Anzaldi continues – an average of 38 thousand euros each, as the Ministry is doing, giving a long series of defined tasks which the principals should fulfill by finding solutions with such limited resources independently (buy sanitization material and thermal scanners, identifying green areas and equipping them, rearranging outdoor spaces, disposing of waste, even special ones, starting internal building contracts, changing furnishings and buying or renting tablets and hardware) means risking blocking everything and opening the way to legal disputes. Thinking of halving the presence of pupils in classes, when 3 months after school starts there is not even an open building site to build any new schools, in most schools it is utopia. “According to Iv, the delay is evident: “Matteo Renzi asked to leave immediately with the works in April, but instead of being listened to he was attacked by many. Now it is likely to be late. The greatest damage could be suffered by kindergarten children, where the committee asks for an even greater distancing, with the risk that many children between 3 and 6 years of age will remain without school and without socializing ».

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