Argentina, the house where Ernesto “Che” Guevara was born for sale


Another piece of history is on sale, the cradle where one of the icons of the twentieth century grew up, the man who contributed, more than others, to the Cuban revolution, then exporting it to the Congo and Latin America. The house where he was born will change owner Ernesto Che Guevara: a 240 square meter apartment in an ancient neighborhood of Rosario, an Argentine city 140 kilometers from Buenos Aires. The current owner wanted to turn it into a cultural center but the project never took off. The house between Urquiza and Entre Ríos streets, recalls the BBC America who collected the news, has always been a pilgrimage destination. Leaders of the Latin American left and heads of state visited it, remembering the story of a fighter between those rooms and the double hall, who started his journey from here, which ended years later in Havana and then in the last, tragic battle in Bolivia. These include the former president of Uruguay and a tupamaro activist José “Pepe” Mujica and the children of Fidel Castro. But the most frequent visitor remained Alberto Granado, Che’s friend of studies and adventures also immortalized in the famous “Motorcycle Diaries”, the notes with which the young Argentine doctor recounted his extraordinary journey in the 50s of the last century along the whole continent.
Ernesto Guevara was born in this house in 1928 to a wealthy middle-class family. Destined to become a doctor, a profession he practiced first in Argentina and then applied in his journey, the “Che” was struck by the poverty and hunger that enveloped vast pockets of population in the different countries he crossed on his motorcycle. He took care of everyone, including lepers isolated in a lazaretto created in the middle of a river in the Peruvian jungle which he swam through and risked dying.That journey marked his life: he left aside the mission of doctor, he attended groups of opponents, intellectuals and simple farmers infected by the spirit of revolt that animated the years at the turn of the two World Wars just about everywhere. Embarked on the Granma with Fidel and another handful of men and landed in Cuba, Guevara played a decisive role in the war which then led to the defeat of the dictator Fulgencio Batista the night of New Year’s Eve in 1959. Appointed Minister of Industry in the government of Fidel, the former Argentine doctor lived on the edge of the new course of the Cuban revolution. He already had other plans and Castro, who had to manage the first divisions in the leadership of the Revolution, supported his desire to transfer the revolt to other Latin American countries dominated by coup and military junta. It was also a way of getting rid of a critical spirit that put him in difficulty.

Che suffered from asthma attacks and this forced him to move from Havana to a house surrounded by the microclimate of Tarara, facing the crystal clear waters of the coast north of the capital; here he lived a few months with his wife Aleida March. “It has never become a real home,” commented Aleida in the past, “there were constant meetings, even throughout the night. But I have really happy memories of that moment. ” Although Tarara’s house has become a fixed destination for the many tourists and militants who travel to Cuba, Rosario’s home remains the beginning of everything. And this gives it a value that will affect the sale price. Price that the current owner has refused to make public.

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