Arezzo, a cat who died after biting the owner: he had a very rare bat virus. The mayor issues two ordinances


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If it were not news made public by a public body, we would suspect having a fake news in front of it. The Ministry of Health, as the Region of Tuscany says, has set up a gtechnical-scientific team for further information on the case of a cat who died in Arezzo after biting his mistress. The animal tested positive for Lyssavirus, a rare virus other than rabies and found only once in the world, in bats. The virus was isolated from a sample of the cat by the National Reference Center for Rabies of the Venice Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute. Before this case, explains a note from the Region, this specific Lyssavirus had been found only once, worldwide, inn a Caucasian bat in 2002, without ever having been confirmed the ability to infect pets or humans. Currently, it still reads, according to the Ministry of Health there is no evidence of transmission from animal to man. As a precaution, people who have been in contact with the cat have undergone prophylaxis.

Based on the experience gained from similar cases in other countries, for similar viruses – the Ministry of Health said – the transmission capacity from the natural reservoir to another species represents an extremely limited event, which is not followed by an epidemic spread . Currently, there is no evidence of animal-to-human transmission. The epidemiological investigations that require the typicality and novelty of the case have determined the constitution with the Minister of Health, in agreement with the Tuscany Region, of a technical-scientific group that has already met today, with the participation of experts and local and national institutions.
“We are in constant contact with the ministry to monitor the situation, which is under control – says the councilor for health of the Tuscany Region, Stefania Saccardi – This is the demonstration that our system works well, because we identified the case immediately and immediately put in place all the necessary measures “.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Arezzo, Alessandro Ghinelli, has issued two orders today as a precautionary measure to protect public health in order to contain rabid infection.
With the first order, the mayor ordered iThe kidnapping of animals owned by the woman (a dog, a cat and three suckling kittens) with the simultaneous custody in custody at the municipal kennel “or other suitable equivalent structure, as required by law”. The owner is required to keep “the animals indicated in custody and in isolation at his home until the end of the technical operations necessary for the definitive transfer”. At the same time, union order number 143 provides that “from today’s date and up to and including August 27, dogs, even if they are muzzled, cannot move unless they are led on a leash“. Dogs found wandering will not be returned to owners “if they have not undergone the 6-month observation period, which can be reduced to 2 if they are subjected to post-contagion rabies vaccination with payment of the costs to the owners”. The first citizen ordered that dog owners “report immediately to the Municipal Authority the eventual escape of their dogs or the manifestation in them of any symptoms that could make one suspect the onset of the disease such as: change of nature, tendency to bite, manifestations of paralysis, impossibility of swallowing “.

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