Aprea: community masks for students are useless. No for primary children


Hearing yesterday in the VII Culture Commission in the Chamber of Agostino Miozzo, coordinator of the technical-scientific Committee set up at the Civil Protection department on how to resume teaching activities in the next school year.

Among the recommendations of the Technical Scientific Committee is that which provides for the mask for students. A mask which, according to the CTS, should be compulsory from 6 years upwards.

A measure yesterday contested by various parliamentarians present at the hearing, including Vittorio Sgarbi and Valentina Aprea (FI).

The latter noted that students, according to the CTS report, can wear community masks, while teachers may wear surgical masks.

The former, stresses the parliamentarian, “serve to reduce the spread of the virus, but do not prevent transmission”, “are of no use”.

In addition, the parliamentarian also put forward a hypothesis of the danger of using masks for elementary school children, “take it away from primary school children,” he said.

We will already have problems keeping them apart, not taking them to the canteen, they can’t stand it. It is the only way to get them infected, the first thing 6 year olds do is to exchange it and we don’t give responsibility to the teachers. “

The mask for these children will only be “an impediment to communication”.

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