Apple, the single package to subscribe to more services is coming: here’s what the bundle provides


According to some corridor rumors Apple at work on some sort of package that would allow users to subscribe to multiple company services, Such as Apple TV + and Apple Music, saving on the cost of individual subscriptions. Payment would be through a fixed monthly fee and the items would have been confirmed by the code on iOS 13.5.5.

Some files in the operating system – completely new and not present on previous versions – refer to plans like “Bundled offer” or “Bundled subscription”. To confirm the rumors, a new 9to5Mac report, which reports that the files in question are part of the Apple service subscription management system. The rumor has been around since 2018, with the suspicion that Apple wants to offer Apple Music, Apple TV + and Apple News + in one package.
At the moment, about 25 services are needed for all services (assuming that Apple News + will arrive in Italy at 9.99 per month): 9.99 per month for Apple Music, 4.99 for Apple TV + and 9.99 dollars for Apple News +. The bundle should therefore be offered at $ 20/20, or even less, to make sense of existing, with a discount for fans more loyal to the Apple inviting them to subscribe to all three services (of the three the most successful Music, which could drive the visibility of News + and TV +).

According to rumors, it seems that Apple has started negotiations with record labels at the end of 2019 for the creation of a package of services with Apple Music, however some partners have expressed doubts about the initiative. Last November Bloomberg specified that Apple could launch the bundle already by the end of 2020, while students subscribed to Apple Music can have free access to Apple TV +, as the first almost experimental form of bundle of services.

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