Apple, a patent for “remote” group selfies


Social distancing will probably be among the words of the year. Apple patents software to make group selfies in respect of distances. And not only.

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2020 will probably be remembered as the year of social distancing, primary and fundamental measure to contain the Coronavirus infection. However, this measure inevitably impacts people’s habits and their social relationships. Just think for example of group selfies with friends, undisputed protagonists on social profiles but now potentially become a risk factor.

Apple in this sense, it has submitted a request for the registration of a patent. An iPhone software that can compose group photo without the participants necessarily being in the same place.

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Group selfie, Apple wants to make them possible even from a distance

apple selfie group

So a new function, or rather, an idea. The patent for the “synthetic group selfie“In fact – this is the name that appears in the request forwarded to the American Patent Office – it could also remain unused. It is common practice for all the big names in technology to record every new technology, most of which will never debut on devices.

In this case we are talking about one registration request dating back to 2018, therefore well before the Coronavirus epidemic. The software designed by Apple would allow Automatically “sew” selfies taken separately, removing the backgrounds and then generating a single homogeneous group photo.

The same technology would also allow video recording or streaming, virtually grouping participants located in different places.

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