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Apex Legends will also come up Nintendo Switch and Respawn Entertainment seems quite convinced of the results of the conversion, claiming that the game is coming up well on the platform Nintendo, despite the challenges that emerged technically.

Apex Legends has been announced arriving on Steam and Nintendo Switch on the occasion of the EA Play Live, in addition to the landing of cross-play multiplayer between the various platforms. Bringing the shooter to Nintendo Switch seems to have been not an easy job, despite the fact that the console in question has accustomed us to even more difficult missions, but Respawn is very satisfied with what has been done so far.

“It’s a big challenge, we’ve been working on it for a while,” said Michael Higham on the new project in question. “It is not without difficultybut i would say it is coming up very well and working. Obviously it’s a different platform and we had to make changes to the game to make it work better. ”

“We decided to support i motion controls and this too took time, especially with aiming through the gyroscope. It’s a lot of work but it’s going well. We are still testing at this point, we have to be sure that everything is fine but it is something worth completing. We are big fans of Nintendo, so I am also personally excited to be able to bring the game to Switch and to be able to carry it around. ”

Electronic Arts also has around seven games coming to Nintendo Switch in the next 12 months, which demonstrates a renewed commitment from the publisher to the platform in question.

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