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Electronic Arts today announced that Apex Legends this will come Autumn up PC Steam is Nintendo Switch. The game, moreover, will be completely compatible with the other versions of the game, making it cross-play with the existing platforms.

Along with the announcement of a new mode called Fortune’s Favor, arriving on June 23, 2020, Respawn Entertainment has announced that its battle royale will also arrive on Steam this autumn. But not only. As announced in recent hours, the game will also arrive on Nintendo Switch with a version fully compatible with the others, therefore able to guarantee perfect cross-play between the various versions.

The two versions will arrive this fall.

The fifth season of Apex Legends has the highest level of engagement ever seen so far, the highest daily retention of any Apex season and the most new players since the first season. These numbers are expected to increase further this fall when Apex Legends debuts on Steam and Switch, with cross-play support.

During EA Play the Respawn team also revealed that the Lost Treasures Collection event will begin on June 23rd. The event will present a new game mode, limited time offers and the acquisition of a new city: Crypto’s Map Room. Players will see the return of sniper and shotgun mode – Armed and Dangerous- with some new features such as Evo Armor and the brand new Mobile Respawn Beacons.

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