Anti-nightlife curfew from via Torino to Barcola, half city off limits


The Municipality of Trieste has issued an order in force from today 12 June to 31 July which prohibits carrying “drinks in glass containers and alcoholic beverages in any container” from the entrance of Porto Nuovo to the Miramare castle between 22 and 5 in the morning. The “curfew”, officially established to avoid gatherings in compliance with the anti CoViD-19 legislation, comes as a consequence of some episodes of “violent nightlife” that occurred in the city center over the past weekends.

The ordinance declares war on those who hold and consume “drinks of any kind in glass bottles or containers, and alcohol in any type of container”. The “narrow” is valid both in public or private contexts “for public use” and creates a real “red” area that encompasses a large part of the center going up to the Barcolana Riviera.

The perimeter within which the order applies includes in fact Largo Città di Santos, piazza della Libertà, via Pauliana, via Udine, via Martiri della Libertà, piazza Dalmazia, via Fabio Severo, via Papiniano, via Coroneo, via Rismondo, via Rossetti, via Pascoli, piazza Garibaldi, via del Bosco, piazza Vico, via Bramante, via San Giusto, via San Michele, via Cavana, via SS. Martyrs, largo Papa Giovanni, via Università, climb Promontorio, via Lazzaretto Vecchio, via Economo, via di Campo Marzio and largo Chino Alessi.

The banks from via Giulio Cesare (including the parking area in front of the Lanterna bathhouse) to the square of the Central Station also end up in the viewfinder. Barcola from viale Miramare (in the stretch from via Almerigo Grilz at the entrance to Miramare Castle) is also off limits and a curfew that will also occur in the pedestrian stretches, on the waterfront docks, in the bathing establishments and in the nearby green areas.

On the other hand, as regards the measures granted, it will be possible “home delivery limited to the transport, administration, by public operators of drinks to customers who benefit from the eventual external parking of the respective shops in compliance with the scheduled times and prescriptions by the Regulations and public and leisure activities in private, public and state-owned areas “. In short, as underlined by the anger of many merchants that emerged on social networks in these hours, “nobody is credited with someone’s fault”.

A measure that will make you discuss.

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