Another African American died during an arrest. His name was Manuel Ellis


In the United States, where popular protests are raging in the name of George Floyd, he is shooting a video that testifies to the killing, at the hands of the police, of another African American, Manuel Ellis. The shocking recovery in question was allegedly shot on March 3 in Tacoma, in Washington state. To make the video would have been a witness of the violence perpetrated by the agents against the victim of color.

The offending video, explains theHandle, immortalizes local policemen while, after suddenly throwing the victim to the ground, they begin to rage on the latter. In the movie it is therefore possible to hear, at a certain point, the author of the same, who took refuge behind a law enforcement machine, who yells at the agents: “Stop hitting him, oh my God stop it!“.

According to what reported on Thursday from New York Times, the African American killed was named Manuel Ellis and was 33 years old. He, a musician and father of two children, had been stopped by two patrol agents on the night of March 3, near an intersection, while he was aboard his car.

To reconstruct what happened at the time of the police arrest, the newspaper relies on information provided by Ed Troyer, spokesman for the Tacoma police department.

Ellis, once he met law enforcement officers that night, would start romping, attacking and knocking one of the policemen to the ground.

These, joined by two other support agents, consequently proceeded to handcuff the African American, the newspaper said, following Troyer’s statements. Ellis, despite the handcuffs, would continue to squirm and search for him physical confrontation with those men in uniform.

Troyer’s story, underlines the New York newspaper, suffers at this point important shortcomings of details, as, for example, it overlooks the immobilization and tackling methods then put in place by the guardians of the Tacoma order against the arrested person. For example, the department spokesman admits that he is not aware of all the details relating to the immobilization technique applied by the four policemen involved, but still feels confident to exclude the use, by the same, of the “chokehold“Or suffocation by means of a knee pressed against the neck of the stopped individual.

Troyer himself, denounces the New York Times, however, confirmed that Ellis, while being immobilized by the patrol, would begin to scream: “I can not breathe“. The reaction of the policemen to the desperate cry of the black person would therefore have consisted in the immediate request for emergency medical help.

Once the sanitary workers arrived at the place of arrest, these, the spokesman always says, would have found the individual handcuffed still in a position to breathe independently, even if tried. The emergency personnel would then try, for about 40 minutes, to revive the thirty-three year old, and then declare his death.

The autopsy took place on Wednesday, which, reports the newspaper based on information provided by Troyer, ascertained that the African American would have died from “respiratory arrest“, Oxygen deficiency and”physical constraint“. The forensic doctors, after analyzing the victim’s body, however, indicated, as additional factors determining the death of the victim, methamphetamine intoxication and a previous pathology of the heart. However, scrupulous examination of the musician’s body eventually led to forensic doctors presenting the death of the former as a “murder“.

The investigative file on Ellis’ death, the spokesman later assured, would now be complete with all the necessary information on the incident and should be brought to the attention of the magistrates next week. On the contrary, the unfortunate sister, Monet Carter-Mixon, disputes the thesis that all the necessary data on the death of his brother would have been collected by the police.

The woman, highlights the press, is consequently invoking new and more rigorous investigations on the arrest of her family member, in order to shed light on what those agents really did on March 3 at the age of thirty-three and how the investigations by the Tacoma police department in the aftermath of the African American death.

Urgencies to really clarify the news were also made by the mayor of the city, Victoria Woodards, and the governor of Washington State, Jay Inslee.

In the meantime, the Big Apple newspaper underlines, the series follow one another prayer vigils and public commemorations of the deceased, organized by his closest acquaintances.

One of these, Brian Giordano, asked by the magazine, strongly challenges the official version for which Ellis allegedly attacked and threw a policeman on the ground, given that the musician, according to him, was an exemplary person, devoted to helping others.

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