Anonymous’s offensive against Trump and the police


THE PROTEST for the death of George Floyd, the African American suffocated by the police officer’s knee Derek Chauvin, Which is igniting the streets of America, is now also moving online. While clashes between citizens and law enforcement agencies continue in many cities, the hashtag #Anonymous has dominated Twitter trends this morning. The group of cyber activists has decided to take the field to support the demonstrators. He first carried out a series of actions aimed at hitting the police in Minneapolis, the city of Minnesota where Floyd was killed, and in the afternoon raised the stakes by spreading a document – the veracity of which is to be ascertained – which associates the president Donald Trump to Jeffrey Epstein, the American businessman who was on trial for international child trafficking, arrested and died in prison in circumstances that are still unclear in August 2019.The intervention had been announced by a video published on the night of May 29 on a Facebook page affiliated to the group. A movie of just three and a half minutes, whose style is the classic one of Anonymous: a hooded person, wearing the mask of the English conspirator Guy Fawkes and the modified voice, exposes the group’s claims. He accuses the Minneapolis police of having horrific precedents of violence and corruption, so much so that Floyd’s murder would be only the tip of the iceberg.
“In the past twenty years 193 people have been killed by police in Minnesota,” says the exponent of Anonymous in the video, pointing out that “unfortunately, in most cases, the only one left to tell the story is the agent who killed the person. ” A gap that causes the cycle of violence to continue “because these killers never face justice for their actions”. According to Anonymous, in the case of Floyd the faults of the agents would be particularly evident: the diffused videos showed that the man had not opposed any resistance to the agents, as initially reported by official sources. “We don’t trust your organization to do justice, so we’ll expose your multiple crimes to the world,” concludes the group of cyber activists. At the moment, from its multiple social profiles the group claims to have compromised and exposed the Minneapolis police site, to have entered the Chicago police radio system by spreading the song “Fuck the police” on the frequencies used by law enforcement agencies to communications and to have circulated a document that would convene the American president.

The decision to release the documents is part of a wider operation aimed at unveiling the sexual abuse and trafficking of minors by famous names from the world of entrepreneurship, entertainment and industry, which began in 2015 under the aegis of #OpDeathEaters. Anonymous links on Twitter link it to the story of George Floyd and the other African Americans killed by the police, and the impunity shared by the perpetrators of the crimes in both cases. However, it is currently impossible to verify the veracity of the documents, and therefore of the accusations.

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