Annuity cut canceled, M5s does not give up and announces battle: “We will appeal”


Who voted against the cancellation The vote of the Litigation Commission (a sort of court that branches the internal disputes at Palazzo Madama) ended three by two. Of the five present, three spoke to restore the privilege: the president Giacomo Caliendo (Forza Italia) and the two lay members Gianni Ballarani and Giuseppe Dalla Torre. On the other hand, the Northern League players Simone Pillon and Alessandra Riccardi (ex 5 stars) are against.

The yes of President Caliendo is decisive Decisive, therefore, was the vote of the President of the Caliendo Commission, who however said on February 5 that he would abstain. “I reached the decision to abstain from that trial”, were his words after the controversy over his alleged “conflict of interest”. Caliendo, in fact, as senator, without the cut, will still be able to benefit from the full allowance.

Casellati: “I am a stranger, the sentence is appealable” The President of the Senate, Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, for her part declared herself extraneous to the decision: “I am very sorry that this decision occurred at a time so difficult for the Italians, but in any case the sentence is appealable”.

On the card the numbers for the yes to the appeal are there Paola Taverna and Undersecretary Manlio Di Stefano have already announced an appeal to the Guarantee Commission, the second instance court inside Palazzo Madama. However, it is necessary for the Presidential Council to present this request, and Minister Federico D’Incà has invited all parties to support the appeal here. On the other hand, also the League, with Roberto Calderoli and Matteo Salvini, asked for this step. Five Senators sit in the Guarantee Commission: 2 from the League, 1 from the Democratic Party, 1 from FdI and one from FI, the President Luigi Vitali. If the request remains on a political level, there will be no problem while if the legal aspects prevail, the outcome is not a foregone conclusion.

Up to 22 million to be returned to former senators And Forza Italia, with the video president Antonio Tajani, clarified that “we are in favor of the cut and will vote in favor of a new resolution, as long as it is well written, not as the technically incorrect one that caused an avalanche of appeals, causing more damage than benefits to the state coffers “. The Senate may have to repay up to 22 million euros to retired former senators.

Pd: “Straighten out misfortune and avoid lies” “For the Democratic Party, the blitz of the commission chaired by the force-monger Caliendo is politically unacceptable. The distortion of the annuities that have helped to push politics away from citizens’ lives is reintroduced: to be straightened out as soon as possible. and I remind you, among other things, that, as President of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Democratic Party, I have abolished the annuities in the Region, among the first in Italy “. So the vice president of the Democratic Party, Debora Serracchiani, replied to the leader of FdI, for whom her party was against the annuities while the dem “are very favorable”.

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