Annuities, Senate cancels the resolution on the cut to former MPs


«The Senate Litigation Commission has just canceled the Bureau resolution that it had decided cutting annuities to former MPs». This was reported by Maurizio Paniz, a former deputy and lawyer who defended most of the former senators who filed an appeal in the appeal. “The rule of law has been restored,” he said. Three votes in favor and two against, those of the League senators, Simone Pillon and the former Cinquestelle Alessandra Riccardi.

«The resolution – continues Paniz – has been canceled because it was considered unjustified in the face of the consolidated jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court and of the law of the European Union, according to which, faced with a consolidated situation, the measures to reduce the amounts must meet five requirements, none of which had been respected by the resolution. In the first place it must not be retroactive, while this cut was; secondly, it must not have perennial effects, as the resolution did; thirdly it must not concern a single category but must be “erga omnes”, while here only former MPs were affected; fourthly, it must be reasonable, while this cut reached 8% of the amounts; finally it must indicate where the savings go that cannot end up in the great cauldron of savings, and also on this point the resolution was lacking ».

“The Senate Litigation Commission has just canceled the resolution on cutting annuities for former MPs. They had been trying for months: they did it secretly at night. It is a slap in the face of a country that suffers. The caste holds the loot, we will never give up to restore the rule of law and the principle of equality. Who should we thank for this operation, the presidency of the Senate? ». This was stated by the political leader of the 5 Star Movement Vito Crimi.

June 25, 2020 (change June 25, 2020 | 10:11 pm)


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