Annuities, here’s who the 5 senators called to decide on the cut



Two members of the League (including one former M5S), one from Forza Italia (the president Vitali), Fdi and Pd: they are members of the “appeal jury” inside Palazzo Madama

by Riccardo Ferrazza

Annuities: cuts are decided by the Chamber, but there is space for it

Two members of the League (including one former M5S), one from Forza Italia (the president Vitali), Fdi and Pd: they are members of the “appeal jury” inside Palazzo Madama

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Annuities, the second act is being prepared in the Senate. After the decision of Thursday 25 June of the Palazzo Madama Litigation Committee to cancel the resolution that retroactively and downwardly recalculated the pension treatments of the former parliamentarians, the word goes to the “jurors” of the internal appeal body: the Warranty advice . Which, unlike the “court” of first instance, is composed only of senators.

In the verdict of the litigation commission, chaired by Giacomo Caliendo (Fi), the vote of the two external jurists was decisive: the opposition of the Northern League was not enough Simone Pillon is Alessandra Riccardi (until a few days ago exponent of M5s), because in favor of the cancellation of the resolution of October 2018, in addition to the president of the force, they voted Gianni Ballarani (professor of private law at the Pontifical Lateran University) e Giuseppe Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto (jurist and former rector of Lumsa).

The so-called “annuity cut” is a flag of Five stars, not surprisingly, the furiousest after Thursday’s ruling (“hurt the country” he said Luigi Di Maio). But the 5 star movement does not have its own representatives in the Guarantee Commission where a quintet of senators (chosen from among the elected officials of Palazzo Madama who are magistrates, university professors in legal matters, lawyers) sits as follows: two from the League, one from the Democratic Party, one from Fratelli d ‘ Italy and one of Forza Italia. On paper everyone is in favor of restoring the cut, at least judging by the declarations of their parties in the past few days.

Luigi Vitali, 65 years old, an Apulian criminal lawyer in the fifth term (elected with Forza Italia but passed to the movement of Giovanni Toti “Let’s change!”), former Undersecretary of Justice in Berlusconi Governments, is the president of the body. Pending the appeal that should be presented by the Secretary General of the Senate Elisabetta Serafin (within thirty days from the filing of the reasons) he warned: “If I were to pinch the members of the college I preside – he punctuated in an interview with Everyday occurrence -, who are elected in the parties and movements that have spoken out against Caliendo’s decision, not according to law as they have done so far, but on the basis of other assessments, I will do everything the rules allow me to denounce this behavior. I am not available to undergo political decisions ».

In his work Vitali will be joined by the vice-president Ugo Grassi, debutant in the Senate, elected with the 5 Star Movement but passed to December 2019 with the League (“You can’t stay in a party where all decisions are made by the top management,” he said to motivate his choice.) Born in Naples, residing in Avellino, 54 years old, Grassi he is full professor of civil law. “The transition to the League only brings the savings of 300 euros on the Rousseau platform,” he said on December 14. For the rest, the League requests the payment of 3,000 euros monthly contributions “, a figure that” also serves to repay i 49 million». Grassi’s 2019 taxable income is 91,820 euros.

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