announced the new MOBA for free in collaboration with Tencent


A surprise announcement comes during the last Pokémon Presents Pokémon Unite, a MOBA based on pocket monsters in development at Tencent Games and coming to Nintendo Switch and smartphone.

The game, which closely resembles titles such as League of Legends both for its graphic style and for gameplay and user interface, will allow two teams of 5 players to clash in a structured map as in the most classic of MOBA, with lots of enemies controlled by the AI ​​and bosses to be defeated in jungle. In the title there will also be developments, probably activated by reaching specific levels in the game: in this regard, in the presentation video we witnessed the transformation of Charmander into Charmeleon.

The title, coming soon on Nintendo Switch, iOS is Android, will enjoy support at multiplayer cross-platform and will be available immediately as free to start, or it can be downloaded for free by anyone and will include microtransactions, probably useful to speed up the purchase of all playable Pokémon.

Before leaving to the announcement movie, in which you can see an entire match of the game, we remind you that it is now available on Switch Pokémon Café Mix.

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