Android, watch out! This image will freeze your smartphone by crashing it


It might seem like a joke but it really isn’t and if by chance you will set the image with a lake with placid water between the snowy peaks of a mountain as a background, you will find yourself completely blocked smartphone. So an image that could prove lethal even if everything seems to be quite normal on first impression. Yet if you have one smartphone with Android 10 operating system you will have to be very careful not to set it as a background because the device could go in total ” crash ”.

Here is the image that sends the Android smartphone in bulk

The image is traveling around the world but above all what happens that users do not really believe that a simple image so innocuous to appearances can instead become a dangerous bug capable of crashing the smartphone or of making it switch on in a loop irreversibly. What actually happens? Once set as wallpaper, the locked screen starts flashing and restarting in a loop without the hope of stopping everything.

The race to discover “mystery” immediately started on the Net, with many people who have launched hypotheses and conjectures on this new but also strange phenomenon that at the moment, we emphasize it, it only concerns Android devices. FromSamsung to Nokia, from Xiaomi to OnePlus but also the Google Pixels. Nobody seems to have a chance even if at the moment HUAWEI smartphones seem to have the upper hand with devices that not all of them loop.

The reason for the crash? Maybe dynamic range or maybe compression

How come all this happens? It appears that the problem is caused by the dynamic range of the image, which unlike the sRGB standard Android 10 usually works with here comes with aGoogle Skia color profile.In this case, therefore, the problem occurs when the smartphone and more precisely the operating system converts the image and if it does not succeed, it goes into a loop, thus blocking the smartphone.

The bug occurs only when the user decides to set the image as wallpaper and not if this is saved in the gallery of the device or even if you open it on the application or even as an attachment to an email. social networks and in particular from Twitter, which leaves the image in its original resolution, there is certainly the worst.
What does Google say? We know that the Mountain View company currently said they knew of the problem of this type of backgrounds and who is already working to resolve the issue by bringing an update as soon as possible. Moreover, it was also seen that the problem does not arise if the smartphone is updated to Android 11 which for the moment has only been released in the Developer Preview version.

What to do if you come across the image?

Since at the moment there is no news regarding the update release times to manage the situation. What should therefore be done if you come across the photo not to save it on your smartphone and above all not to set it as the background of the device. In case you were not aware of the bug and the image was placed as a likely background that the smartphone has started to crash. If this happened the advice is to try with two solutions:

  • perform a total reset of the devicerestoring it to factory conditions clearly losing all the data although it will be possible to restore the backup if present.
  • delete the photograph by accessing in provisional mode

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