Android, keep an eye on the background: an image causes the smartphone to tilt


A placid mountain lake, trees all around and the last rays of sun filtering through the clouds at sunset. A suggestive and relaxing landscape, perfect to be set up as phone background. However, those who have tried to do it on a device equipped with Android 10 stumbled upon an unpleasant surprise: the smartphone crash. A total block with a flashing screen apparently impossible to solve. In the last few hours, many have been working on social media to spread the alarm. As many those who have tried to find out why the strange phenomenon.

The details

After several hypotheses it emerged that the problem to be traced back to the dynamic range of the image, which has a color profile Google Skia. Android 10, on the other hand, works with the standard sRGB. The stalemate therefore arises when the system tries to convert the photograph, evidently without success. Bug victims, as reported, devices of all brands: from Samsung to Nokia, from Xiaomi to OnePlus, up to the Google Pixels. Huawei, however, as reported Android Authority seems to be less vulnerable. Best to avoid verifying firsthand.

However, there is good news. Although it is necessary to avoid setting it as wallpaper, it has in fact been discovered that the landscape does not create any kind of inconvenience if stored in Google Photos or when opened after being received via email. In addition, some sites, such as the Chinese Weibo, compress the image in a format compatible with the background of Android 10, thus making any download safe. Others, like Twitter, don’t. Finally, nothing anomalous was detected by those who have the Android 11 beta version, which obviously manages the process differently. Pending its release, Google needs to respond quickly with a update of the Skia Bees. The offending shot, in fact, in all probability may not be the only one in circulation capable of causing the bug. For the time being, however, Mountain View has not issued any communication on the matter.

How to solve

Without prejudice to the previous indications, if you are hit by the crash, the options available to solve the block are only two: perform a hard reset restoring factory conditions (but losing all data) otherwise – less drastic solution – delete the photograph by accessing in provisional mode. Restarting the smartphone, in fact, is useless. If you really don’t want to do without the most dangerous background on the web, before setting it well, remember to change the characteristics of the photo through an editing software or directly take a screenshot.

June 3, 2020 (change June 3, 2020 | 09:45)


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