Andrea Orlando: “Conte is not Prodi. I see evolution in M5s”


“I know that the comparison with Romano Prodi doesn’t work.” So the deputy secretary of the Democratic Party Andrea Orlando introduces a conversation with The paper responding to the juxtaposition made between Prime Minister Conte and the one who was the leader of the Olive Tree. And he adds. “It has always been a forced interpretation” just as it would be a forcing, according to Zingaretti’s deputy, “to argue that today something has changed in the relationship between the Democratic Party and the Count”.

So the Democratic Party would not even be bothered by the fact that Conte has decided to make his own party and possibly run alone in the elections, because – says the dem Orlando al Foglio – “we are only worried about false starts” and “the recession-related issues “as” we think of the answers that need to be given in the field of economics “and” on the use of European and public funds “.

On the alliance with the 5 Stars Orlando says: “I have never used the strategic term”, “I read everything in dynamic, not static terms. I see an evolution of the M5s “but” what will produce this evolution is not known. ”

A split, for example? “Not only this – Orlando replies -. The questions are more than one. Will anything be born on our left? ” the deputy dem asks. “The picture is evolving” and “we must have a clear polar star: unity of the center-left and convergence with a piece of populism attributable to Europeanism”.

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