An outbreak on Moby Zaza From Sea Watch 28 infected


On Moby Zazà there is a real outbreak. There are 28 Covid-19 positive migrants out of the 209 who are there Sea Watch has brought to Porto Empedocle and that the Italian authorities have decided to board the ship arranged for the quarantine of the illegal that arrive on the Sicilian coasts. We were among the first to report the health emergency who, this morning, already reported the presence of an infected on board. A few hours later, however, the governor Nello Musumeci made it known on Facebook that the number of patients is far higher. “Son the ship at anchor in Porto Empedocle – explained the Sicilian governor – a solution that we stubbornly demanded from the central government on 12 April to prevent outbreaks from developing on the territory of the island, without being able to limit and control them. Today our request is better understood“.

The infected on Moby Zaza

The results of the swabs made by the Red Cross on 209 migrants, who in recent days were rescued in international waters by the Sea Watch and transferred to Moby Zazà last Sunday, arrived this morning. As many as 28 migrants tested positive for coronavirus. One of them, originally from Cameroon, had started to feel bad on the night between Sunday and Monday. Doctors initially thought of a case of tuberculosis, but the result of the test at COVID-19, carried out by the IZS laboratory in Palermo, has dispelled any doubts. So much so that already this night, as written by Sofia Dinolfo on the, its positivity to the new coronavirus has been declared. The immigrant was then evacuated and transferred to the infectious disease department of the “Sant’Elia” hospital in Caltanissetta where, for several weeks now, all Covid patients have been discharged.

At the moment, the infected remain “confined” on the ship at anchor in Porto Empedocle which was destined for the quarantine of illegal immigrants who landed in Italy. And, returning to the controversies raised by the usual Taliban immigration against the management of the landings and the confinement on Moby Zazà, Musumeci wanted to point out the usefulness of certain containment measures. “Anyone who has raved about accusing us of racism today will realize that we were right “, commented the governor announcing the activation of extraordinary measures to deal with the emergency. “In the next few hours – he explained – important health measures will have to be adopted at the precautionary principle. I want to hope that nobody comes to mind not to involve the Region in the choices that must be made”.

The League on the attack

The case of the contagions between the migrants recovered from the Sea Watch and brought to Italy has detonated a heated polemic politicas which has sparked the wrath of Matteo Salvini. “Sicily refugee camp in Europe, congratulations Conte “, the head of the Carroccio wrote on Facebook, referring to the Giallorossi to be too busy campaigning against the security decrees instead of stopping the new wave of landings. “While the government plans to dismantle the Security decrees and opens the ports – he accused – NGOs bring Covid-19 positive immigrants to Italy, such as the one landed by the Sea Watch and now hospitalized in infectious diseases, and there are other cases …“.
Even the vice president of the Senate, Roberto Calderoli, has pointed the finger at the government accusing him of putting at risk the health of Italian citizens “with its absurdity” motto “ports always open to all”. Hard also the intervention of the deputy of the League, Paolo Grimoldi, component member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chamber and president of the Italian delegation to the OSCE. “Ours is truly a government of scientists, of genes – he thundered – we have kept Italian citizens in lockdown for two months to stem the virus, devastating our economy, losing 17% of GDP and an infinite number of jobs , we put Italy on its knees to extinguish the outbreaks and now what does this government of improvised do? It opens the ports to foreign ships carrying illegal immigrants who bring us the virus that is exploding in Africa. Stuff that not even the most inveterate Tafazzi would have done …“.

The outburst of the mayor of Porto Empedocle

And also the first citizen of Porto Empedocle, Ida Carmina, after the news of an outbreak aboard the Moby Zaza, he let himself go to a hard outburst at the Adnkronos. The mayor spoke of constant exposure to the epidemic by his fellow citizens: “The climate in my country is quite overheated. We are constantly exposed to danger“. Then comes the lunge:”I want to go all the way, understand what happened. Because an NGO ship was allowed to land in Porto Empedocle, which until recently was considered an unsafe port. Because the migrants were not transhipped on the offshore quarantine ship instead of arriving on the dock. My community has been exposed to the danger of an epidemic. What happened is an event that I feared“.

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