An anti-Covid turnstile for shops, companies and public places: the made in Naples novelty is already in great demand in the USA


The digital revolution has been around for them for years. And artificial intelligence as well. You cannot be selected among the best G20 companies and sit at the table of the world’s greatest players to discuss innovation and the future, as happened in Saudi Arabia, if you do not have certain requirements, technical but also or perhaps above all mentality, of vision. Them, that is those of the Protom of Naples, an SME with 180 employees (average age 35 years) and four historic production missions (among its clients in the big industrial sector such as Leonardo, Airbus, FCA, Atr, Hitachi Rail). A jewel company that in a few years became a European leader in advanced engineering and consultancy services for the development of projects with a high rate of innovation. A story that identifies with that of the president and founder, Fabio De Felice, one of the leading Italian experts in the digitalization of companies and university professor of industrial plant engineering in Naples and Cassino.The last challenge, perhaps the most difficult at the time of the pandemic, started from him and from the close-knit team that has accompanied him since 1995: to produce a device that would make the action of contrasting the circulation of Coronavirus more effective, bringing together all the checks required by the safety and spacing rules. Thus was born Pass (the acronym stands for Protected access security system), one anti-Covid door especially suitable for shops, businesses and public places. Through artificial intelligence, Pass verifies quickly and easily that all those who access any place open to the public have complied with the safety and contagion prevention measures. In other words, the device, through a monitor, verifies the correct use of the mask in a few seconds, controls body temperature, sanitizes the shoes (by exposing the soles to UV-C rays) and allows the hand sanitation (through the automatic gel dispensing). In addition, like any other hyper-technological turnstile, controls the density of presence in the room, managing new accesses so that the maximum number of people allowed is never exceeded, depending on the size of the room and the ventilation systems.

To the world before Pass there were no such smart systems and the orders already acquired even across the border (from the United States, for example) even before the official launch, demonstrate the immediate interest of the market (from tomorrow also the first TV spots on La7). “We imagined that we had to do something useful in this difficult season, aware that a rewrite of the rules of our everyday life began, a bit like what happened after 9/11, and that consequently we had to adapt to it. the best human and technological resources we have, “explains De Felice. Protom has deployed its first line on Pass, so to speak, aggregating different engineering skills, artificial intelligence, technologies and sensors on the project. A choice strengthened by the arrival of managers of proven reliability such as Salvatore Rionero, former CEO of Tecnosystem, and by the skills inherited from Gma, acquired after bankruptcy. “The prototype reveals it was ready in just 5 working days, without giving up any of our other activities.”

Teamwork but also an immense desire to innovate to improve the quality of life, the mantra that De Felice also transmits to his students through the books on Industry 4.0, his chosen terrain. On the financial side, the transaction is supported by the issue of minibonds for 3 million euros linked to Protom, envisaged by the Financial Plan of the Campania region and guaranteed by the Middle Central Credit. “We immediately thought of an interaction with national public institutions – says De Felice but in the meantime we have already been contacted by administrations and bodies from other European countries. We put our heart into it and a know-how made in Campania that demonstrates how being ready to accept changes, even traumatic ones such as those resulting from the pandemic, is always possible if we invest in innovation and research ».

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