An American court has ruled that Joe Exotic’s zoo, starring “Tiger King”, now belongs to his rival Carole Baskin


A US court has ruled that Joe Exotic’s zoo grounds, the protagonist of the popular Netflix documentary Tiger King whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, now belongs to Carole Baskin, the animalist known as his main rival. Ever since Maldonado-Passage had been arrested for 17 counts of animal abuse and attempted murder by Baskin’s proxy, the zoo, located in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, had been managed by ex-partner Jeff Lowe of Maldonado-Passage. The court decision was due to the fact that Maldonado-Passage did not pay Baskin $ 1 million which he owes her due to a series of lawsuits on copyright infringement.

The story behind it is long and intricate, but well known to the thousands of people who have seen it Tiger King, one of the most successful documentaries in recent years. Baskin is a millionaire who owns and operates an animal sanctuary recovered from private zoos in Florida. For years he had accused Maldonado-Passage, the manager of one of these private zoos dedicated to big cats, of mistreating animals for profit. Maldonado-Passage, obsessed with Baskin, had in turn tried to hinder its activities for a long time. To do this, among other things, he used the logo of her sanctuary, the Big Cat Rescue, to defame her.

Maldonado-Passage is in prison: he was sentenced to 22 years in prison. Lowe has 120 days to leave the zoo – which he had renamed Tiger King Park – in Baskin after taking all the animals away.

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