an amateur design dedicated to Ghost of Tsushima is driving fans crazy –


L’image of a SS5 customized theme Ghost of Tsushima it’s literally driving fans crazy. To realize it was the amateur designer XBOXPOPE, who as the nickname suggests, usually deals with graphic customizations for Microsoft hardware.

The model, which you can see in the image attached to the tweet below, is really well done, both in the choice and positioning of the decorative elements, and in the choice of colors. Reading the comments, many consider it even more beautiful than the original PS5.

Of course it is fair to point out that it is only an ographic pear and not a real design. We specify it because some may get confused.

Among the people who complimented XBOXPOPE, many appealed to sucker Punch, the developers of Ghost of Tsushima, to make this design a reality. In fact it has had a really sensational success.

To make you understand the skill of XBOXPOPE at the bottom of the news we publish other different hardware designs, all made really well.

XBOXPOPE Instagrama account

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