An abusive “Garage of sex” in Gianturco: the discovery of the policemen


Yesterday afternoon, the agents of the General Prevention Office, during the area control service, noticed, at the corner of via Galileo Ferraris and via Francesco Generale Sponzilli, a car that came out of an abusive area created under an overpass.

The agents blocked a young man who was regulating the entrance to the “parking lot” and who, at their sight, warned the occupants of some parked cars. The policemen identified the occupants of the vehicles and ascertained that the man, for 5 euros, allowed motorists to park who parted with prostitutes.

LE, a 22 year old from Naples, was sued for aiding and abetting prostitution, while a 36-year-old Albanian, already the recipient of an expulsion order executed in December 2015 with a ban on re-entering the Italian state for a period of 5 years, was reported for non-compliance with the measure.

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