An abortion pill in Perugia women in the square against Umbria’s decision to provide hospitalization for those who take on Ru486


There is no rain on women’s self-determination. There were (especially found) in a thousand in the historic center of Perugia to say “no” to the resolution of the regional council of Umbria, which prohibits drug abortion in day hospital.


“Abortion pill without hospitalization”: Hope is not with Umbria and wants to update the guidelines

Among the difficulties imposed by the anti-Covid provisions, under the constant threat of rain showers, the choir “free to choose, this is my life, the HR I want it guaranteed”, the world of women’s rights associations has gathered under the umbrella of the newly established “Umbrian network for self-determination”. A collective that is signed RU2020, with a clear assonance to that RU486 that after the recent resolution of the League and pro-life president, Donatella Tesei, in the region it can only be taken in hospitalization for three days.


Abortion pill without hospitalization: Tesei writes to Speranza. “Ready to review the resolution”

On the longest day of the year, the small army of protesters, mask worn, safety distance and a red garment, some with flowers or a bunch of parsley, transformed Piazza IV Novembre into an expanse of umbrellas and signs with slogans who demanded greater female freedom on reproductive issues. Meanwhile, the petition launched on the platform online ran beyond the bar of 40 thousand members.In the square many young women – and some career politicians in the rear – for a mobilization that, from Umbria, the organizers want to bring to other cities in Italy, to extend the newly created network. “Today we are launching a national mobilization, not only for the full application of Law 194, but also to bring the issue of contraception to the forefront,” he explains Sara Pasquino, of the Ru2020 network, to which Udi, Pro-choice, Vita di donna, Women’s Center of Bologna, Planned parenthood and Laiga have already joined nationally. The horizon of the event, in fact, from the very beginning was more extensive than the local issue that had exploded locally for a week.

“In the square in Perugia there will be realities and women coming not only from all over Umbria, but also from the rest of Italy, because the battle against the decision of the Tesei junta has a national value”, announced the organization of the event, who from the microphone in the square asked for easier access to voluntary termination of pregnancy, “to get closer to European countries”. In Italy, RU2020 had mentioned in a note, only 17.8% in 2017 (20.8% in the following year (of abortions occurs with a pharmacological method against 97% in Finland, 75% in Switzerland and 66% of France.


Ru486, how the abortion pill works

One of the most original signs, themed “Back to the future”, sees the protagonists of the film who explain they want to go back to 1978, to “tell women to keep the 194 banners, for 2020 in Perugia”. “It is surprising to have a fight already carried out by our grandmothers and mothers. This regional resolution is only the tip of the iceberg, because reproductive rights are attacking you every day”, comments Melania Bolletta, 19 year old university student anthropology.

“They are here to defend untouchable rights, the denial of which is still a source of suffering for many women,” explains Emanuela Faraglia, theater actress. “This is politics, needless to say, we don’t care, because politics cares about us,” he adds as he adjusts the coral-red scarf he wears around his neck, worn “because symbols still matter”.

The junta’s choice, for the feminist collective organizing the event, does not go in the direction of “protecting women’s health, as claimed by President Tesei, but in the exact opposite direction”.

The controversy arises from the resolution approving the “Guidelines for health activities in Phase 3”, arranging the three days of hospitalization. All this just a month after a similar junta act, to launch the measures for “Phase 2”, which resembled a step forward in terms of the choice of those who opted for the pharmacological termination of pregnancy. Besides not showing in any way the will to repeal the service in day hospital, May regional guidelines introduced taking the pill “at home“, a telemedicine service to follow the patients, together with the extension” of the treatment limit from 7 to 9 weeks of pregnancy “, as Sigo, the Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics, and the demonstrators in the square in Perugia now ask.

The decision invalidated the previous one, led by the dem Catiuscia Marini, which in December 2018 introduced the possibility of taking the abortion pill under the day hospital, to then be able to go home. One possibility, which for a professional and first-line activist like Marina Toschi, pro-choice gynecologist, had not however given the possibility of accessing the service, which became available in only three hospitals (out of eleven) in the region, all moreover “peripheral” (Narni, Orvieto and Umbertide).

“The approach to be followed must be free from ideological constraints and must have freedom of choice and the protection of women’s health as pillars”, wrote Governor Tesei in a letter to the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza. The president of the region, who today did not want to comment on the demonstration in the square, announced in the letter that she wanted to adapt to any new guidelines requested by the minister from the CSS, which will replace those dated 2010 to which the governor refers pro-life. Pro-life senator Simone Pillon was also contested, considered the inspirer of the restrictive resolution on RU486, also the target of a sign held by a student: “More pills, less Pillon”.

The reactions

“Nice that even in the rain and with the security measures in Perugia today many people have reaffirmed together that women are free to choose on their bodies,” he writes on social media Elly Schlein, vice-president of Emilia-Romagna.

IS Nicola Fratoianni (Leu) on Twitter, posting some photos of the demonstration, he adds: “In the square in #Perugia to reiterate that a choice against science, against rights and against common sense is a dangerous choice. A dangerous right.”



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