among them also the accomplice of the killer of Luca Sacchi


They took orders from their San Basilio base and delivered the drugs home. A real switchboard active every day from 2 to 2 in the morning to receive cocaine telephone orders, which they then handled throughout Rome via pony express recruited mainly from customers in financial difficulties.

The soldiers of the Provincial Command of the Guardia di Finanza in Rome have dismantled a band of pusher, carrying out seven precautionary custody measures (3 in prison and 4 at home) issued by the judge of the local Court of Preliminary Investigations since the morning from 18 June of the Capitoline District Anti-Mafia Directorate.

A group “extremely effective, both with a view to facilitating demand and reducing times and steps in order to satisfy it, but also to minimize risks”, says the investigating judge who signed the ordinance of the operation ‘Call Center San Basilio ‘.

The pusher band of San Basilio

The seven arrested, Italian men and women between 49 and 19 years old, are accused of having set up a real cocaine call center to which hundreds of people turned to receive, at home, the narcotic doses.

The band was able to satisfy between 30 and 50 daily departures on weekdays, even reaching 80 on holidays and pre-holidays. Although the group dealt with the sale of small quantities of cocaine, the average income was around 15,000 euros per week. In the cryptic jargon used “a friend” indicated a dose and “a hand” instead were 5 grams of cocaine.

To minimize the risks, the courier brought one or a few doses to be delivered and returned several times to obtain supplies for subsequent deliveries.

Two brothers and Paolo Pirino at the head of the group of drug dealers

It was part of the organization, which had an operational base in the San Basilio district of the capital Paolo Pirino, currently detained in connection with the criminal case for the murder of Luca Sacchi. At the head of the gang, with him, also two brothers

According to the investigators, the group had managed to “carve out a respectable operating space in a context already with a very strong criminal presence of fierce groups and with a higher criminal level such as the Roman district of San Basilio”.

“We are active again after Covid”

Like all businesses, at the end of the lockdown period, the San Basilio call center had sent the following promotional text message to communicate the resumption of activities: “Hello handsome a I’m the boy from San Basilio we were stopped for a while because of Covid19 however from tomorrow at 2 pm until 2 am we will be active with friends at 30 and (hands or tmax at 230) available to reach you where you are we are back to the top top call me a hug “.

Who is Paolo Pirino, accomplice of Luca Sacchi’s killer

Pirino, 21, is from Casal Monastero. On the evening of Luca Sacchi’s death he had accompanied his friend Valerio Del Grosso who was supposed to deliver the drugs.

According to the prosecution and witnesses, it was he who struck Luca and Anastasia with a bar to get the backpack delivered before the gunshot shot by Del Grosso, who killed Sacchi. Before his arrest for the murder, he had taken refuge on the roof of his grandmother’s house.

Pirino, moreover, according to what was found in that investigation, is accused of having rented the white Smart with which to go to the appointment at the Appio Latino and of having changed cars the day after the murder, complaining of a phantom failure.

In his car, after a search on December 2, 31 grams of cocaine were found ready for sale. Arrested, he said he was there in the place of the tragedy “to steal”.

During the investigation of the ‘Call Center San Basilio’ operation, however, Pirino made himself the protagonist of an investment attempt by two soldiers of the Yellow Flames who had ordered the alt to him for a check: while driving his car, instead to stop, he accelerated, trying to overwhelm the two financiers before he vanished.

The video of the San Basilio Finance Blitz: 7 arrests

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