$ 13 billion.
So much so, according to American government statistics, it’s the money that the illegal ones (those who are called by us with a hint of contempt “Clandestine”) they pay into the US “social security” coffers every year, working.

“Immigrants make America strong”

Snail data and figures, Stephen Goss, SSA manager, the “Social Security Administration”, in a recent interview with the site “News”.

The first concerns the estimate of how many illegal immigrants live (and work) in the States: around 7 million.
Of these, more or less 3 million and 100 thousand jobano using fake or expired social security numbers.

But all jobs, even the illegal ones, produce wealth: and not only to their employers or thanks to what workers then consume.

For example: only taxes on their wages, on the wages of illegal immigrants, They make America earn something like $ 10-13 billion a year.

Oxygen for the Social Security Trust Fund’s coffers (to simplify, the American INPS), the trust fund that provides old-age, reversibility and invalidity pensions.

Think: according to SSA estimates, in the past ten years only “illegal” immigrants working in the United States they poured something like this into American coffers $ 100,000,000,000.
Receiving, in return, services e benefits for only $ 1 billion.

You read that right: they paid one hundred billion dollars, an average of ten billion dollars a year.
Although people living in the United States illegally (but paying taxes) are very unlikely that they will ever be able to benefit from paying their contributions later in their lives, they admit to “Social Security Administration”.Contributions of illegal immigrants who, according to reliable official data, live distributed in the United States.

For example: according to an investigation by “News”, Most of the dairy farms in the United States largely stand on the work of illegal immigrants.
In fact, they offer too low wages – which American workers do not accept – but at the same time they are unable to take on legally foreign workers.
As well as farms.
Even if, however – as the owner of one of these observed – his employees (the illegal ones) do not get unemployment benefits, despite being hired and regularly paying taxes.

The Department for Security and Immigration has also drawn a map that highlights the nationalities of origin of illegal workers most present in the United States, Mexicans a part.
Workers who, over time, try to regularize their position.

You will ask yourself: but how is all this possible?

Illegal immigrant workers usually present false documentation (documents and social security numbers) to the employer.
A “Secret of Pulcinella”, say, a fact that employers are practically always aware of.
But for them as long as the employee wants to work and is not a “grains plant”.

Once hired, these “Workers with questionable documentation” – as the owner of the company above euphemistically calls them – they end up in all respects on the company’s payroll.
With the taxes derived from their work which, therefore, are paid automatically to the state, as happens to any other employee.

A fact that is viewed positively in the course of “naturalization” practices: an act of goodwill on the part of those who (the illegal worker) would certainly not be required to do so.
To pay taxes.
The illegal worker thus provides wealth not only to his employer, but also to American society.The money derived from the payments of the illegal immigrants, in fact, goes to the Federal Treasury, which uses it (also) to finance the Medicare, the free medical insurance program that, since 1965, affects over 65s, regardless of their income.

Not stupid, the Americans …

Strange country, America, isn’t it?

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