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NEW YORK. America on fire again. It is in Atlanta, Georgia, the new outbreak of the uprising that began over two weeks ago in Minneapolis after the killing of African American George Floyd a few moments after his arrest. The new guerrilla icon bears the name of Rayshard Brooks, 27, also an African American, killed after a violent brawl with the police during the attempted arrest. The arrest, the scuffle and the gunshots. Dozens of people gather at the crash site, a Wendy’s fast food restaurant, to ask for justice. “He slept in the car and instead of helping him they killed him,” some demonstrators shouted. The restaurant is set on fire. The highway around the blocked city. Thousands of people in the square shouting their anger, the dismissal of the agent of the lethal blows, Garrett Rolfe, and the suspension of his colleague Devin Brosnan are of no use.

The words of Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, who condemned the unjustified use of lethal force, and the resignation of police chief Erika Shields also fall on deaf ears. Gasoline on the fire of the protests that burn America all after the Minneapolis drama. “Anger and anger are legitimate. A man was killed in a restaurant parking lot, ”thunders Stacey Abrams, the Democrat who ran to become governor of Georgia and one of Joe Biden’s deputies. New videos of the incident that continue to bounce off the web show Brooks talking in a friendly tone with the agents: “I had a few glasses, it’s my daughter’s birthday …”, says the African American after being tested positive for alcohol. “I can walk home, I don’t want to violate any rules,” he adds. Then the tones change. The agents try to handcuff him, he rebels and steals the taser they tried to use against him from one of the policemen. They are high voltage instants, then Brooks with the electric shock gun in his hand walks away. The next images show the policeman chasing him, the three gun shots fired and Brooks on the ground. The man was supposed to celebrate his eldest daughter’s birthday on Saturday by taking her to skate. But the eight-year-old girl waited in vain for her father. Brooks had spent part of the day on Friday before working (he was an employee of a Mexican restaurant) and then with the little girl who had accompanied him to get a colored manicure for the big celebrations scheduled for Saturday. Instead it became a day of mourning.

Rudolph Giuliani, a former mayor of New York and personal daylight saving time for Donald Trump, believes that the conduct of the agents is justified on the occasion of Atlanta and adds that the case seems decidedly different from that of Floyd. Cory Booker, an African American senator from New Jersey, invites us to seize the moment of protests to act, and to do it bipartisan. But Congress is not on the same line: Democrats are aiming for a profound police reform at the federal level while Republicans are targeting targeted interventions. From the White House, where Donald Trump’s 74 years are celebrated, only silence. An episode that inflames the spirits and that adds up with another video popped up yesterday, it is not clear when it dates back. The movie shows a Hispanic man died after a clash with the police in San Bernardino, California. According to CNN reports, the agents responded to a call that reported a man in possession of a weapon. The police came to the scene and identified the suspect, then the gunfight in which the man was injured. Transported to hospital, he was later declared dead.

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