AMD Ryzen C7 coming soon with specs to scream!


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Like a lightning bolt, the appearance of theAMD Ryzen C7 has aroused some interest in the community passionate about the hardware world. The company has largely recovered after a period of down against Intel, having shown that it can compete in the PC sector. Apparently the intention of the chipmaker is to land on smartphone, as this leak would demonstrate. The indiscretion is supported by a prospectus published online, containing the alleged Technical specifications of the SoC. And if these were confirmed, hard times could arise for Qualcomm.

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AMD Ryzen C7 could represent a revolution in the smartphone field

Taking into consideration the leaked characteristics, AMD Ryzen C7 would be based on the production process a 5 nm home TSMC. Inside it would reside a latest generation CPU, with structure octa-core. Of these, 2 cores would have ARM Cortex-X1-based architecture a 3.00 GHz, another 2 Cortex-A78 at 2.60 GHz and 4 Cortex-A55 at 2.00 GHz low consumption. We remind you that the Cortex-X1 technology has just been presented and promises stellar performance on a par with what Apple has accustomed us to.

Such a structure with Cortex-X1 we should also find it on Snapdragon 875 Qualcomm, SoC with which AMD Ryzen C7 would end up competing head to head. The real difference would be in the graphic part, where the main revolution in the mobile field is expected. There GPU Radeon integrated, consisting of 4 cores at 700 Hz, would promise 45% faster performance than those of the Adreno 650 present on Snapdragon 865. But it does not end there: the leak mention of how this will be the first GPU on smartphones to enjoy hardware support at ray-tracing in real time. If this were the case, the world of mobile gaming could undergo graphic innovations of very high thickness.

amd ryzen c7

AMD Ryzen C7 roars and Qualcomm trembles: will it be true?

Continuing, the AMD Ryzen C7 would integrate a MediaTek modem for support Dual SIM 5G, perhaps the same as the SoC Dimensity 1000+. Last but not least the memoirs, with support LPDDR5 at 2750 MHz e UFS 3.1 for internal storage. Finally, mention is also made of the support for displays up to 2K to 144 Hz with 10-bit HDR10 + standard, as well as Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, USB 3.1, and dual-frequency GPS.

It was 2016 when Intel decided to abandon the smartphone chapter, after not particularly encouraging results. We remember ASUS ZenFone 2 as one of the main exponents of Intel’s mobile division, which proved not to be up to the competition. If really AMD had decided to enter the world of telephony, this could represent a further woes for the American company, after the market shares lost in the PC sector.

But before shouting at the scoop, it is good to wait for more reliable sources. This is also because he is aware of how AMD has entered into an agreement for Samsung, to produce the GPUs in their Exynos SoCs. Agreement that could fail if AMD decided to become their competitor.
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