AMD increasingly controls the CPU market, Intel in freefall?


AMD Ryzen CPUs continue to prove themselves as the most desired on the market. According to the latest analysis of the Japanese site BCN Retail, the third generation Ryzen processors produced in Santa Clara would have brought the company controlling 67.4% of the Japanese market, against 32.6% of Intel’s competition.

To contribute to this growth is above all the DIY PC market, or rather of all those who instead of buying pre-assembled or portable computers dedicate themselves to the creation of their computer, studying the build from top to bottom.

Despite the launch of the tenth generation Intel Comet Lake processors, AMD has established itself more and more on the world market. The most disturbing figure is the rise in the past three years: in 2017, in fact, AMD had 16.1% of the market for itself, against 83.9% of Intel. Now, however, Lisa Su’s company is outperforming that of Bob Swan, with a peak of 68.6% reached in July 2019.

The quality / price ratio of the hardware sold by AMD it is certainly the winning element, thanks also to the remarkable performances especially with the Ryzen 3000 CPUs and the Threadripper series. Not to mention the latest improvements regarding the energy efficiency of mobile processors.

It will be to be seen how Intel will respond with its upcoming products and if they will succeed in getting the company back.

All this success of AMD comes while we are already talking about the Ryzen 4000 arriving by the end of 2020, as confirmed by the company itself.

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