Amazon, Prime Day could be brought forward to June


Time for big maneuvers, in Amazon. Past the Buriana del Covid-19, with skyrocketing orders and the e-commerce giant a bit in difficulty in managing all shipments, Jeff Bezos’ company is thinking of how to “reward” sellers and buyers for the patience shown in the past months. And if in the past weeks there was talk of a possible postponement of Prime Day 2020, today the situation seems to have changed.

According to a confidential document sent by the e-commerce giant to third-party vendors who take advantage of its platform, Amazon is planning to host an event for early summer. At the moment it is not yet known if it is an anticipation of Prime Day 2020 (usually held in mid-July) or a sort of “appetizer” addressed not only to Amazon Prime users, but to all members of the portal. The advances would seem to suggest this second option, although it cannot be excluded that Amazon decides to organize a Prime Day “on a large scale”, with promotions for a week (instead of two days)

Amazon, event for sellers in early summer: how it will work

According to rumors that come from the United States, the event that Amazon is planning is expected to start on June 22nd, with offers spread over the entire week and not just in two days. It would therefore be a sort of “early summer sale”, which could involve not only those who are enrolled in the Prime program, but all users of the e-commerce platform.

It is also not clear what the discounts that users will be able to enjoy. Always according to the advances, the sellers themselves will choose what to put up for sale at a discounted price and what is the value of the discounts themselves. In short, the promotions can be “self-managed”, while the role of Amazon is still to be deciphered.

When there will be Prime Day 2020

In the event that the “summer sale” that Amazon is organizing does not coincide with Prime Day 2020 the annual event is not likely to take place in mid-July, as usually happens instead. Prime Day 2020 dates may fall in the second half of August, so as not to be too close to those of Black Friday 2020, scheduled for November 27.

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