Amazon, offers and discounts for video games and IT 6/6/2020 –


Between Amazon offers of the weekend a small but extremely low price IPS monitor appears, the Apple Watch Series 3 at a great price, the Echo Plus speaker again in discount in the bundle with smart bulb and the Echo speaker. In these days, among other things, Amazon has activated a promotion that allows you to get a 7 euro discount coupon, recharging at least seventy with a VISA card on this page.

Amazon Prime, also available as a free trial, also guarantees the use of Music Unlimited, Kindle Unlimited and Prime Video, Amazon’s ever-growing streaming service that grants 5 euro discount for the first view of a content. Prime Student, on the other hand, allows you to access Amazon Prime for 90 days, thanks to the sponsorship of Microsoft Surface. It also includes a discount on the annual subscription to the service that goes from 36 to 18 euros for a maximum of 4 years or until graduation. Until June 30, finally, the purchase of an OPPO X2 smartphone allows you to get a pair of wireless headphones for 99 or 169 euros for free.

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