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The new Amazon tablet that reaches the milestone of the tenth generation arrives on the market today. And to best greet this important milestone, the American company has decided to provide this small everyday companion with hardware that is finally in line with trends and, above all, with applications that are increasingly hungry for ram and calculation capacity.

Put the “half measures” aside, the Fire 8 HD reaches the finish line of the two gigs of ram (before they were 1.5) and pushes hard on the processor frequency that reaches 2 Ghz, for a performance increase, declared by the manufacturer, 30%, even if the processor class remains unchanged, with the Cortex A53 quadcore to represent the “heart” under the hood of the Fire HD.

Excellent display performance, which net of a virtually unchanged resolution and ppi (1280×800 as maximum resolution and 189 ppi), appears decidedly brighter, always being very clear and legible even when used in direct sunlight.

What immediately catches the eye is that although the 8 inches dedicated to the screen have been respected, Amazon has substantially changed the tablet’s aspect ratio. Compared to the 2017 and 2018 models, the tablet is in fact slightly wider and lower. The front camera (1.9 Mega Pixel) was also positioned on the left of the screen, even if the shot will be correct even keeping the tablet in a vertical position.

Surely this slight change of proportion wants to suggest to the user a use that looks more to the multimedia sphere, and therefore requires the consequent rotation of the display, also because both speakers are aligned on the right side of the frame. What could annoy you is that if you are used to using the tablet for reading, this aspect ratio could create some problems in holding the tablet with one hand, especially if you have small hands. Nothing dramatic, mind you, it’s just about changing your habits slightly.

Given the renewed potential, the multimedia one is certainly one of the areas that has enjoyed the most of the hardware innovations introduced. The uploading of the videos (we tested both Amazon Prime and Netflix) is practically immediate and the comparison with the 2017 model has recorded a net delay of 25 seconds of the latter in loading the same content.

Obviously, the Fire Os operating system has not changed, this time based on Android 9, which does not officially integrate the original Google marketplace, replaced with the proprietary Amazon one that offers only some of the thousands of applications present on Android. However, what you will find are more than enough to guarantee you a more than good use in all aspects, from surfing the web, to email and all the other typical uses of an economic device (let’s not forget it).

On the shields the application probably most used on this tablet, or precisely the one for reading books which is now even more immediate in opening and much more fluid in scrolling through the pages of your ebooks. There is also a blue light filter, so as to accompany your sleep without too much trouble in the company of a good book. Inexplicable, however, the lack (once again) of the Audible app: if you want to enjoy an audiobook you will have to use a mobile phone.

The battery has a declared life of 12 hours of operation, even if in our tests its mixed use, between multimedia, games etc, we got flush with the continuous 11 hours. However, an excellent result, especially if we consider that thanks to the USB Type C finally supplied, the recharge will last much less than what happened with the simple Micro USB. In addition to a substantial boost in terms of recharging, we also used Type C to import content on the tablet’s memory and to listen to music with our Creative X-Fi headphones. And they work great. However, there is also a normal 3.5 mm connector for wired headphones and the inevitable Bluetooth 4 for wireless connection (perhaps to the devices of the Alexa ecosystem)

There are two memory cuts proposed by Amazon: 32 and 64 giga, both expandable up to a tera through the use of Micro SD. The 32 gig version has a price ranging from 99 to 114 euros, depending on whether you agree to view Amazon special offers. The 64 Giga one starts from 129 up to 144 giving up the special offers which, in all sincerity, are not invasive at all and often make you aware of excellent offers in progress on the sales platform.

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