Alyx turns into P.T. with a Silent Hills themed mod –


Half-Life: Alyx got one mod which actually turns the game into a somewhat faithful version of P.T., the famous demo of Silent Hills which still represents one of the most terrifying horror experiments in the videogame field, increased in this case by virtual reality.

There mod Silent Hills PT Remake, by AmbientDruth, is available at this address and therefore transforms the Valve game into a convincing reproduction of PT, leading us to explore the polluting corridors of the house that has become legendary, due to the success of the playable demo and also to the myth that emerged later the cancellation of the Silent Hills project which led to the forced removal of the teaser.

In this case, P.T. is rebuilt on the basis of the Source 2 Engine using all the various tools made available by Valve, but it is still a first version of the mod: in this, we are dealing with the loop represented by the initial corridor, the radio, the part of the speaking envelope and the ending with the red corridor.

Further subsequent versions are planned which will further expand the mod, reaching the point of proposing the complete experience of P.T., with various expansions and improvements, provided that the author really continues in the announced commitment. There are, of course, still several variations and it will probably be impossible to get a perfect replica of the original experience, based on the tools provided by Valve for Half-Life: Alyx, but for the moment the work is already remarkable.

The Steam Workshop with support for mods has introduced a wide range of powerful tools for modifying Half-Life: Alyx, therefore we can expect a great supply of alternative experiences on this situation.

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