There is no justification for Fabbri’s disastrous management: Either this referee is sensationally out of shape and then he must be stopped immediately or it was an arbitration surgical, aimed at making the game go in one direction because the decisive decisions were all to the disadvantage of a team, in this case Fiorentina. If the first example were good, today we would like Nicchi and Rizzoli to stop Fabbri for a few weeks. If, on the other hand, the second scenario were true, the one unfortunately many of us think of, we would all have to stop and change the rules of power in Italy at last. The influence of the Lazio president on football policy, understood as the League, that is, the Confindustria of football, and the Government, or the FIGC, is notoriously heavy.

The Chronicle: It Was invented the penalty on Caceido and there were three red denied to Lazio. A Bastos – author of a very dangerous foul -, Parolo and Radu. Bad interventions and in the case of Parolo, even a deduction of the shirt, sanctioned by Fabbri who however ignored the regulation: yellow would be expected. Curious, isn’t it? With that card, Parolo, already admonished, would have gone to take a shower. Macrospice locksmiths error.

Nobody takes away Lazio’s technical merits: very strong team even if at the moment very tarnished, excellent Inzaghi and his staff, extraordinary on the market the diesse Tare, his shots are famous. Lotito who serves as full-time president like perhaps no one else – and this, of course, is a merit – has long understood that football is also … a technical fact. Then, there is the rest that makes the difference. Relationships, relationships, visits to the Palace, football policy. Lotito has always known that if you count in the League you count on the pitch. But to count in the League it is not necessary to count on the field. He occupied it “militarily”: he celebrated the assemblies in which he led the assembly with the help of the leader maximo. His ways are discussed and questionable, but as far as he is concerned, very effective. There are many clubs on his side, not all of them. Juventus, which has always had a relationship of loving senses with power, in the Italian Super Cup final, this year, understood the influence of Lazio. Lotito knows the rules of the game and football is the game of power.

Fiorentina on Saturday evening was treated like any other Cinderella. New company, foreign ownership and little expert in the dynamics of the ball of our house, mediocre ranking position, all elements that are worth the specific weight of a feather. From outside the attentive observer has caught this, therefore it would be good to worry about the image that arose from the Olympic challenge. Once again abroad they looked at us in amazement. Arbitrage like this does not contribute to the transparency of Italian football. We would like our movement to be a glass building and not the mist harbor.

Commisso intervened promptly, but this is not news. We liked his official note because the president made a qualitative leap compared to the post match in Turin: this time it did not target the small target, the opponent, but Italian football in general. Quite right. The problem is gigantic, one can no longer pretend nothing, one cannot go on like this. The first knot to untie, as wisely mentioned by Commisso, is the VAR. In Rome Fabbri was careful not to consult him and Mazzoleni, in the control room, remained silent. Because? The VAR represented a historic turning point, an indispensable tool, impossible to go back now. But does it make sense to use it like this? If there are doubts about the tags, go to the video. If there are any questions about Caceido’s dive, you have to go and consult the car. This is the first battle to do and win, without ifs and buts.

The second is much more difficult: fight in the League by signing with those clubs that have always counted little and with those who count always see others win. But the aim should not be to replace one group of power with another to continue on the path of the usual mistakes. The goal must be change the levers of command to design a fairer Italian football, Anglo-Saxon model, more democratic in the distribution of wealth. Enlarging competition increases competitiveness. Increasing transparency returns to selling a decent product abroad. Fiorentina di Rocco Commisso is very determined on this front, she has the desire to overturn certain balances. Forms alliances with foreign properties and looks forward to new ones to expand the cartel. Joe Barone is working hard, weaves his own cloth, but someone, like Penelope, undoes it at night.

Baron is serious and precisely for this we would like to offer you a small suggestion … Talk to your trusted architect and let him design a studio apartment at the Lega headquarters in Milan … He too will take care of it militarily … For a time, forget Florence and fight his war inside the assembly. Only in this way will he have hope to bring home three points …

Between Lazio and Fiorentina there were 30 points of difference before kickoff. Enough and further to explain that the gap between the two roses is abysmal. but yet the game said more: Lazio in a bad crisis from the physical point of view, Fiorentina beautiful concentrated, very short on the field, high defense and nice counter attack. Over all Ribery, champions in the service of others and not on the shoulders of their companions. More than a classic team man, he is an example of a team man, a sight to see him working with the ball between his feet, even more in the space without the ball. His goal was a masterpiece, a Baggio brush stroke. Let the others forgive us, but we haven’t seen such a pearl in Florence for a long time. We were no longer used to it, Franck, we take off our hats.

This Fiorentina played better than Lazio, created more chances, also took a crossbar with the excellent Ghezzal. Unfortunately he still made a mistake in front of the goalkeeper: Castrovilli, if he wants to wear shirt number 10, will have to improve his aim under the goal. A footballer with his technical background has the obligation, by status, to score a dozen goals per championship. Gaetano is in his first year of Serie A, he’s doing very well, but he will have to work on this aspect which is not exactly a detail.

Fiorentina of Rome for over 60 minutes was the owner of the race, then some men, like Badelj and Ribery himself, dropped. Maybe Iachini, who prepared the game very well for us, would have had to intervene a little earlier on the changes, but the opinion on the footprint that Iachini gave to the Olimpico remains positive.

The Viola did not lose on the pitch, but outside. And this makes everything much more bitter. Even a tie would have gone tight. Only such a profoundly wrong arbitrage could help a Lazio that appeared really in crisis. But now we must start again.

The Fiorentina of Rome appeared in net growth: the excellent impressions will have to find confirmation against Sassuolo. Another round, another race. Other referee.



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