All iPhones 12 (except one) would be delayed: the launch in October seems confirmed


Matteo Bottin

Rumors continue that the iPhone 12 production will lag significantly behind the normal roadmap. The latest news dates back to the end of April, but in a month the substance has not changed: according to Digitimes the iPhone 12 continue to be in one month delay.

According to the source, production of Apple’s new smartphones will begin in Q3 2020, with the final launch moved to October in place of the canonical event of mid-September. The only model that could be able to come out according to the normal roadmap would be the 6.1 “version, which would mount LG screens (instead of Samsung screens).

How come LG wouldn’t be late? The causes would be two: LG should first produce the simplest screens, reducing the time. Secondly, it seems that LG has some quality control problems in the production of OLEDs, and for this reason it would have taken “in advance” to be able to keep up with the volumes required by Apple.

Via: 9to5Mac

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