“All bales, Fanpage says it too” – Libero Quotidiano


To discredit Matteo Salvini they invent them all. The false gaffe of the League poster that positioned Etna in Naples was not enough, now haters spread the news that the leader of the League has made a wrong commemoration place for the policeman Apicella. “Incredible – comments the official League page on Twitter – to discredit Salvini they also invent fake news about the error of the place of commemoration of the poor Lino Apicella. Even Fanpage, a magazine not close to the League, underlines that it is not true “.

The former minister in fact laid a wreath of flowers in memory of the policeman on June 5, 2020 Pasquale Apicelladied in April in Naples. To launch what is in all respects a lie the city councilor Gaetano Troncone who has published a video where he claims that the League has placed the flowers in the wrong place. To report the whole truth, however, the photographers on the spot who, once again, have unmasked a lie.

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