Alitalia Tai is born and from July many wonderful new routes


Italy is preparing to have a “new” Flag Company. Little information certain so far, except that his name will be Alitalia Tai (Italian Air Transport), as anticipated by The Republic. However, this is not the only novelty launched on the market by our local carrier.

From July, in fact, a series of flights will depart both on the national and foreign territory. Many le destinations which can be reached again, and as many will be the new routes that will be added to the existing ones. Let’s see together which links will be activated in July.

As for our country, Alitalia Tai will have 7 new weekly routes between: Rome – Brindisi, Rome – Reggio Calabria, Rome – Florence, Milan – Reggio Calabria, Milan – Lamezia Terme, Milan – Naples and Milan – Brindisi. Two connections a week, however, will be provided on Rome and Lampedusa and Rome – Pantelleria. While only one weekly connection will take place on the Milan – Lampedusa and Milan – Pantelleria routes.

What’s new in Europe, North Africa is Middle East the following programming will follow: 7 weekly flights Rome – Athens, Milan – London, Milan – Paris, Milan – Amsterdam. In addition, 6 connections per week will be activated between Milan – Brussels. As regards the Rome – Amsterdam, Rome – Tel Aviv and Rome – Tunis routes, connections will be 5 per week. While the Rome – Nice, Rome – Malta and Rome – Tirana will have 3 weekly routes.

Further news arrives for Rome-Boston, a connection that will take off in July with 3 weekly frequencies.

In the face of all this good news it would seem really difficult to choose which paradise to spend your summer holidays in. For this reason, we have decided to give you some suggestions in this regard: if your idea is to live an Italian holiday and in the name of proximity tourism, in your destinations certainly can not miss Lampedusa.

An extraordinary Sicilian island that hides paradisiacal beaches. Among these there is one in particular that is even considered the most beautiful beach in the world. A real daydream and that from next month will be reachable by plane, both from the base of Rome and from the Milan airport.

Even the splendid Reggio Calabria will be easily accessible thanks to the flights that will take off from Milan and Rome. An extraordinary city that is located almost on the tip of our Peninsula, before diving into the sea. Homeland of the Bronzes of Riace, but also destination with a promenade that preserves unique beauties such as the Genoese Villa Zerbi and the statues of Rabarama.

If instead you want to cross the Italian borders, how about a nice jump to Athens? The beautiful Greek capital will be connected with the Belpaese with a frequency of 7 flights per week. But what is really interesting is that from the main Hellenic city you can easily leave to discover the Greek archipelagos including the wonderful Cycladic Islands, true pearls of this nation and which hide absolutely wonderful and unmissable beaches.

lampedusa in July

Lampedusa, Source: iStock

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