Alitalia, if you call and no one answers you pay the same: furious travelers


How many times has it happened to us contact customer service without receiving any response? Clogged lines and busy switchboards, however, do not discourage us. We are looking for answers and we are willing to wait to have them, even if this translates into long minutes of waiting punctuated by music that often only worsens the situation. Obviously, in most cases, we try and try again because doing it costs us nothing, if not a waste of time. But how would you feel if, in addition to the trouble of not being able to solve the problem, it would come credited an amount for a missed call? This happened to travelers Alitalia, who found themselves paying an amount for a phone call that never happened.

Alitalia, between inconvenience and canceled flights, the last hoax to travelers: if you call and no one answers you pay the same

Restarting after the lockdown was not easy for everyone. Airports and airlines have been among the hardest hit by the Coronavirus emergency, so much so that even today it is difficult for them to manage the “return to normal” smoothly. To pay the consequences, however, in addition to workers who risk losing their jobs, are also travelers, forced to squirm between flights canceled at the last minute and higher and higher ticket prices.

The last complaint in this regard, it comes from a journalist from Il Fatto Quotidiano, who reported that Alitalia’s customer service is currently in difficulty in responding promptly to customer requests. But the most serious thing, as reported, is that many travelers who have chosen the company have been credited with numbers for these days services not rendered.

In practice, all those who are calling the Alitalia switchboard not only they are not getting any answers (due to clogged lines and operators not available), but they even have paid a call made to customer service that – in fact – was not there.

Costs and services that are missing

The cost of the call to Alitalia switchboards it is equal to 0.64 euro cents per minute (without connection fee). The amounts are credited to the customer immediately and not at the time of connection with the operator, that is, when someone actually answers the call. To be clear, you start paying already when the recorded voice updates the interlocutor on waiting times.

Someone will say, there is the possibility of contact the company by other means? Unlike the services guaranteed by other companies (even low cost), Alitalia has not yet taken steps to develop and speed up and speed up the e-mail service or online problem solving through chat operators or forms for complaints and requests.

Needless to say, for these and many other reasons, travelers’ discontent is high.

To date, Alitalia has not yet officially expressed itself.

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