Alfredo Biondi, lawyer and former Minister of Justice died: he was 91 years old


Alfredo Biondi, historic leader of the Liberal Party and later among the leading exponents of Forza Italia, died. He was born on June 29, 1928, so he would have turned 92 next Monday. Vice-President of the Chamber, he had been Minister of Justice of the first Berlusconi government. Pisano by birth, Genoese by adoption, Biondi was a bridge between the first and second republics. Debut as deputy in the House in 1968 on the benches of the Liberal Party, of which he was also secretary between 1985 and 1986. During that same period he was minister in one of the governments of Amintore Fanfani (community policies) and in the first Craxi government (ecology) .

The qualitative leap takes place with the second republic: Biondi among the first to join the political project of Silvio Berlusconi of the Polo delle Libert and enters parliament in 1994. Become a member of the executive holding the key role of minister of justice. He will always be re-elected until 2008, moving to the Senate in the last legislature.

The name of the deceased minister linked to the decree that bears his name and that, in the middle of the Mani Pulite season, intervened by canceling the custodial caution in prison for the crime of corruption and made the guarantee information secret until the act of concluding the investigations. On 13 July the so-called Biondi decree arrives in the Council of Ministers. The gatekeeper distributes the text to all those present and Berlusconi, according to the journalistic reconstructions, said O pass unanimously or withdraw it. The measure passed quickly without opposition, thanks to – according to a mischievous background – the fact that the Italy-Bulgaria semifinal at the USA World Cup was scheduled for that evening.

The Biondi decree has as its first effect the release about 2000 people who were in pre-trial detention in prison (including former minister De Lorenzo, former party colleague of the security guard). The provision that also gave rise to the first clash between Forza Italia and the League: Roberto Maroni, then Minister of the Interior, rejected the decree claiming that he had been provided with a different version of the text that was then approved. The storm explodes: the Mani Pulite pool in Milan threatens to resign by reading a press release on live TV, strong doubts emerge within the same majority and in the end the Biondi decree will be short-lived. On 21 July, also in the wake of popular indignation, he was rejected in the Chamber by a very large majority (418 no, 33 s and 41 abstained).

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