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ALFA was born on May 24, 1910 from the ashes of the Italian Automobile Company Darracq, which arose in Naples four years earlier. It was founded in Milan by a group of Lombard entrepreneurs, and the acronym ALFA stood for “Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili”. Italy’s entry into the war sent her into crisis, and so it was taken over by Nicola Romeo, who in 1918 changed the name of the company to Alfa Romeo.

In these 110 years the house of Biscione has made several masterpieces, has won in major competitions and has gone through some crises. His is a brand highly appreciated all over the world, and the sporty character of its engines has inspired some artisan realization of motorized motorcycles, in fact, Alfa Romeo.

Here are two real oddities and three proposals from designers.


Let’s start with the “Alfetto”. The engine is the four-cylinder boxer also known on the “33” and the construction – which dates back to a few years ago – was made known by a Belgian enthusiast in 2007.
The chassis is handcrafted, and components of a Yamaha 750 and the tank of an old Laverda have been used.
The final transmission is a tree, and seems to be derived from a BMW.


The creation of the American Chris Barber is called “Alfabeast”. Halfway between a cruiser and a chopper is a 2.5 liter displacement Alfa Romeo V6 with aluminum cylinder heads. The separate four-speed gearbox was taken from a Harley-Davidson, while weber carburettors are powered. Note that the starter is crank.
The rigid chassis is built by Kraftek, with the front axle taken from a Kawasaki ZXR750.


The Alfa Romeo “Spirito” is due to the Turkish designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem. This vehicle and style concept looks to record-breaking streamliners trying to combine the motorcycle world with the stylistic features of the racing Alfa cars.

the boy

Lasha Japaridze is a young Georgian designer. His digitally generated Alfa Romeo motorcycle is called “the Boy”. He chose a suit with anthropomorphic shapes that envelops the entire vehicle (difficult to find a link with the Milanese brand), which has wheels with an automotive design and a single-sided swingarm of – let’s say – daring construction. The engine should be a two cylinder.


Quite bizarre the proposal of the Dutchman Robert Meijer, who has interpreted in a very American key a custom with Harley-Davidson engine and chopped frame with extra long wheelbase. The design of the wheel rims and the red color remind us of Alfa Romeo …

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