Alfa Romeo B-SUV, Maserati Ghibli Hybrid, Compass “made in Melfi”, Formula 1: the best news of the week


Welcome back on for the first appointment in June with our Sunday column dedicated to best news of the last week. THEn these last seven days, from Monday 1 to today Sunday 7 June, we have recorded many innovations dedicated to the Italian four-wheel world, the Alfa Romeo brand and the FCA group.

As regards Alfa Romeo, in particular, there has been talk of the future Alfa Romeo B-SUV, the new entry level that will arrive on the market in 2022. The project has been confirmed again (after being announced in the industrial plan of last year) and could be one of the first fruits of the collaboration with PSA.

Also noteworthy new information on the production of Alfa Romeo models, which will resume briefly next week and then return to stop until July, e new special offers reserved for Giulia, Stelvio and Giulietta valid throughout the month of June in Italian brand dealerships.

Among the news of the week there is also a new Maserati teaser which anticipates the imminent debut of the Maserati Ghibli Hybrid, model that will also be the first project of the electrification program of the house of the Trident in the coming months. Also noteworthy is the debut of the new one Jeep Compass “made in Melfi” with the announcement of the price list.

Note also, among the news of the week, several updates on the resumption of the championship of Formula 1, with the publication of calendar of the first dates. A lot of news also for Ferrari who is preparing to start the season with Vettel, now announced starter, e Leclerc who are ready to go on the track to test the car in view of the debut.

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Alfa Romeo

Among the main news of the week regarding the Alfa Romeo brand we report the arrival of new confirmations on the Alfa Romeo B-SUV project. The new model, which had been included in the industrial plan announced last November, is expected to debut in 2022 as the fourth model of the new Alfa Romeo range, alongside Giulia, Stelvio and the new Tonal which will debut in 2021.

In the meantime, we are talking about the new one again Alfa Romeo Tonale. The future C-SUV of the Italian company, in fact, will debut in just over a year but in these days it returns to the front page with new confirmations regarding what will be its characteristics. The model, remember, will be produced in the Pomigliano d’Arco plant.

Auto sales in Italy are still at very low levels Alfa Romeo tries to grow again with particularly advantageous new offers. With the beginning of June, in fact, the Italian company has presented special offers for it Stelvio and for the Giulia and also re-proposed the previous month’s offer dedicated to Juliet. All offers concern models ready for delivery.

Let’s talk now about production of Alfa Romeo models in the Cassino plant. In these days the confirmation of one has arrived short reopening of the plant for next week but, subsequently, production will stop until the end of June. Over the weekend, the company also confirmed that the closure will also concern the beginning of July.

It should also be noted that in the UK, with the aim of convincing customers to complete the purchase, Alfa Romeo will offer protection in the event of job loss going to encourage the underwriting of loans in a period of extreme difficulty for the economy.

Among the articles dedicated to the history of the Alfa Romeo house, we highlight an in-depth analysis that sees the protagonistAlfa Romeo 33 Stradale in Royal Blue, a real piece of history in the world of motoring. Also noteworthy is a render that imagines the project Alfa Romeo x Bertone Montreal.

In this in-depth articlewe also analyze the Alfa Romeo’s design choice to position the license plate of the car laterally, not giving up the now iconic design with the shield that represents a true symbol of the Italian brand.

Let us now turn to Formula 1, in view of the start of the 2020 season, Alfa Romeo is already talking about the 2021 season. According to the latest rumors, in fact, the team may be close to a agreement with Mick Schumacher.


These days, FCA has confirmed that the production recovery of the Fiat Panda has been postponed. Segment A has not been produced since last March and, due to the particular situation on the Italian market, it will not be produced in the first half of June. At the moment, there is still no official date for the recovery.

The Fiat brand will say goodbye to the 500X and 500L in the future. The two models, which have almost reached the end of their respective life cycle, will be replaced by a single model which will, in fact, be a middle ground between the two projects. The model in question, for now, is called Fiat 500XL and went back to being talked about on the net with new renders that try to anticipate its design.

Among the future news coming for the Fiat range there is also the unpublished Fiat Tipo Cross. The new evolution of the Tipo family shows itself in these days in new spy photos which confirm the imminent debut of the project expected on the European market by the second half of 2020.

In the meantime, in Brazil, you register on debut of the new Fiat Toro MY 2021. The new version of the Italian brand pick-up, one of Fiat’s most successful models in South America, has seen several changes with the elimination of some obsolete engines and a general increase in list prices. FCA has confirmed that despite the ongoing crisis, Fiat will confirm all the investments already announced for the Brazilian market, a key market for the Italian brand.

Among the news of the week for the Fiat brand we also mention a render trying to imagine one modern and electric version of the Fiat 126, one of the most iconic models in the range of the Italian brand.

Among the news of the week there is also the debut of the standard version of the Fiat E-Ducato, the new electric version of the Ducato capable of guaranteeing autonomy for over 300 kilometers. The project will be produced in Italy and will represent an important addition to the Fiat Professional range.

Fiat E-Ducato


A beautiful specimen of Ferrari Enzo did record this week, a new record for online auctions they confirm the enormous value of the Maranello models even after many years since their debut.

Pending the start of the Formula 1 championship and the definition of the new rules that will characterize the competition over the next few years, we continue to talk about a possible landing of Ferrari in Indycar. According to the latest rumors, the hypothesis becomes increasingly concrete and contacts between the parties are in progress. The news was also confirmed by Indycar.

These days, regarding the Formula 1, we report the arrival of new Sainz statements who stressed of not having signed with Ferrari to become the second guide and that his goal is to be successful with the Maranello team which represents a true Formula 1 icon Binotto in these days, the track will “put Leclerc and Sainz in their place”.

Note also that Binotto has also stated that the start of the 2020 season for Ferrari will be difficult and that one day, over the next few years, Leclerc will become world champion thanks to his enormous talent.

The Formula 1 championship will kick off next month in Austria. According to the first rumors, during the two GP scheduled on the Austrian track, the Sprint Race. Furthermore, according to new rumors, Mugello could join the Formula 1 championship. In these days the calendar of the first 8 GPs.

It should also be noted that in view of the resumption of the races virologists recommended 5 days isolation for teams before competitions. In the meantime, the new budget rules should set a cap 600 employees per team. Also noteworthy is the arrival of new controls on fuel consumption.

Sebastian Vettel - 1

After confirming the farewell to Ferrari at the end of the season, Vettel is looking for a new team. In these days the rumors about his have increased possible arrival in Mercedes even if it is one difficult scenario as also underlined by Toto Wolff.

Of course, according to the latest information, Vettel is not an option for the future of Red Bull. In these days, we also record the arrival of new statements by Binotto on Vettel which, despite the announcement of the non-renewal of the contract, will continue to be much loved by the Ferrari world. Binotto added that would be happy for Vettel if the former world champion and current Ferrari driver, until the end of the season, sign with Mercedes.

In the meantime, Vettel and Leclerc will test the new Ferrari car before the start of the championship. In fact, the Maranello company is about to organize a new test with the aim of refining the car and starting the season at its best. The test in question will take place in Fiorano.


In these days, Maserati has released a new teaser for the electrification program which will involve its entire range over the next few years. For the house of the Trident several news are coming. After the lockdown, in fact, at Maserati we are preparing for the launch of the new Ghibli Hybrid which will be the first electrified model in the range. Subsequently, the hybrid versions of Levante and Quattroporte will arrive.


This week, Jeep has announced the price list of the new Jeep Compass “made in Melfi”. The new version of the Compass produced in the Italian factory can be ordered in all Italian dealerships with significantly reduced delivery times compared to what happened previously when the car was produced in Mexico.

Among the main new features coming for the Jeep range we find the future Jeep Wrangler 4xe, the expected plug-in hybrid variant of the iconic model of the American company. In these days i have arrived first details on the characteristics of the project destined to become an important reference point for the brand’s range over the next few years.

It should also be noted that Jeep has launched one in the USA in recent days new version of Wrangler. Staying in the USA, we emphasize that the event will take place in a few days Jeep Florida Jam which had been canceled due to the lockdown due to the ongoing health emergency.

New Jeep Compass
New Jeep Compass

Meanwhile they arrive new spy photos of the future Jeep Grand Cherokee. The new version of the American car’s flagship, which will take advantage of the Giorgio platform, should debut within a few months, replacing the current model which has now reached the end of its long career. Also noteworthy new spy photos of the upcoming Jeep Wagoneer.

Also noteworthy is the arrival of a new render that shows us the possible design of the Grand Compass, new version a seven seats of the Compass which is expected to enrich the SUV range over the next few months. Meanwhile, the Jeep Gladiator officially debuts in Australia. Note that the Gladiator was elected Official Winter Truck of New England by NEMPA.


The maxi loan of over € 6 billion with state guarantees requested by FCA, taking advantage of the Liquidity Decree, has been one of the hot topics of the country’s political and economic reports. In these days, IlSole24Ore has released FCA Italy’s balance sheet data, the FCA group company that will obtain the loan provided for by the Liquidity Decree.

In these days, Sace and the Ministry of Economy have confirmed that the loan obtained by FCA is tied to the use of the funds in the Italian market. This is a facility aimed at supporting the automotive supply chain and strict controls are provided to verify that the funds actually go to help the economy of our country.

Let’s move on to the trend in car sales. THE May sales figures for the Italian market confirm a substantial decrease in registrations with all FCA brands in serious crisis and, more generally, with a market that is still far from a real recovery. Even in June, according to estimates, the data will be strongly negative.

For raise the Italian market would be coming new incentives. The entire international automotive sector is in crisis and, according to some estimates, the difficult situation of the auto market could lead to loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs all over the world with all the main manufacturers preparing to reduce the workforce.

Meanwhile, the unions confirm that almost 10,000 workers in the Piedmont factories are expected to use layoffs during the months of June and July. The slow recovery of the market, in fact, continues to weigh on the production trend also in the Piedmontese industrial center of FCA.

Also note that these days FCA has released its program to resume manufacturing operations in North America after the lockdown linked to the Coronavirus emergency. The company aims to return to normal as soon as possible. Note that FCA could summarize the over one thousand workers recently laid off in Canada. This week, the company confirmed that 90% of the workforce has returned to business in North America.

In the meantime, FCA has confirmed that production at the Tychy plant in Poland will not resume next week, as previously announced. To start again, orders will need to grow from the European market, which is still in a serious crisis.

Meanwhile, in view of a future spin-off scheduled over the next few months, FCA has appointed a new CEO of Comau who will have the task of handling this particular situation in the near future. In this article we see how FCA invests in human resources.

Our news section on the best news of the week ends with this news. The next appointment is set for Sunday 14 June. We remind you to continue following us these days, both from the site and from our social channels (find all the useful links at the beginning of the article), for all updates on the world of Italian four wheels

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