Alfa Romeo: anticipated the production recovery in Cassino, the Giulietta is also back in production


They finally arrive good news for the Alfa Romeo brand. In these hours, in fact, FCA has confirmed an imminent production recovery for the Cassino plant which, after the stop of more than two months for the lockdown, recorded just 6 working days (only for the Giulia and Stelvio lines) between the month of May and the month of June.

Unlike previously announced, the resumption of activities will not arrive on July 10th but already on July 1st. At the moment, information related to the resumption of production of the Alfa Romeo models in Cassino is still limited and, most likely, more precise details regarding the production calendar will arrive in the next few hours.

It seems confirmed, however, that the resumption of production will also concern the Giulietta, whose assembly line has stopped since last March. In recent weeks, Alfa Romeo has unveiled, surprisingly, the Giulietta MY 2020 with an update for the range of the C segment that reorganizes the vehicle’s outfits.

According to previous rumors, FCA would plan to make a final production batch for the Giulietta, in order to dispose of all available components, before proceeding with the official announcement of the end of production and with the disposal of the production line, active in the Cassino plant for about ten years.

We remind you that, instead of the Giulietta, production of the Maserati D-SUV (model that will use the Giorgio di Giulia and Stelvio platforms), a project confirmed last week with the “new” Piano Italia which it may have eliminated some new features for the Maserati range. We also recall that the new plan announced last week does not refer to the restyling of Giulia and Stelvio, mid-career update due to arrive in 2021.

Alfa Romeo production in Cassino: strong growth in July?

The first official details on the calendar of production activities in Cassino will arrive only in the next few days. In the meantime, we remember that, according to the rumors of a few weeks ago, in Cassino there should be 16 working days out of a total of 23 working days scheduled for the month of July. This is a significant growth considering that between May and June only 6 days were worked and only on the Giulia and Stelvio lines.

If production levels are those anticipated by these rumors, they will be produced in July about 10,000 units of Giulia and Stelvio (most likely more Stelvio units will be produced), a quantity more than enough to handle the orders received in these weeks and those that will arrive during the month of July from Italy, Europe and the rest of the international markets where the two Alfa Romeo D-segment models are marketed.

It remains to be understood how the Giulietta production, with the recent debut of MY 2020 which, in fact, has extended the career of the C segment by a few months. Certainly, the production growth that should be recorded in July represents good news for Alfa Romeo which, in recent months, has been one of the brands most affected by the crisis in the international auto market.

Finally, remember that in Cassino a summer closure is scheduled for the month of August (the plant will remain stationary for 3 weeks) and, subsequently, between September and October there will be recourse to the layoffs in derogation with another four weeks of stops and with possible further stops based on the Government’s choices on the provision.

Finally, according to some union representatives, the Cassino plant will work for about 6-7 days a month from September. It will be necessary to wait for the arrival of the Maserati D-SUV to register substantial production growth for Cassino’s activities. The new entry level of the Italian brand will arrive on the market no earlier than 2021.

Considering that the pre-production works of the D-SUV have not yet started, the project is unlikely to debut before the last part of next year. Continue to follow us for all updates on the issue and the future of Alfa Romeo and Cassino production.

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