Alexa Skill Blueprint: this is how Alexa is personalized


Whether to organize a nice moment in the family, to amaze a customer or to manage content for school, a new tool is now available that can personalize your relationship with Alexa. Amazon has indeed made available Alexa Skill Blueprint, a sort of dedicated platform with which Alexa feedback can be programmed based on specific requests.

In short, a real editor from which it is possible to enter Alexa’s mind to program some preordained answers and some desired behaviors. In doing so Alexa is not only an emissary of external content, but also an assistant more adherent to the requests of the user who finds himself an Amazon Echo within reach.

How do you customize Alexa

Amazon today announces Alexa Skill Blueprint, a new way to create your own Skills and personalized responses for Alexa. Through a series of easy-to-use templates everyone can create personalized experiences for Alexa in minutes.

The “blueprints” available are nothing if not already structured and ready to use templates, simply to be filled with information by filling in the dedicated panel. Once the personal skill is realized, you can decide to use it locally or to publish it, thus enriching the audience of skills available on the Alexa Skill store.

Alexa Skill Blueprint is a completely new way of educating Alexa through personalized Skills just for us and our family. It is not necessary to have programming or Skill experience to get started. My family created our Skill dedicated to sarcastic arrows in a few minutes, and it was really fun to interact with Alexa in a totally new and personalized way

Steve Rabuchin, Vice President, Amazon Alexa

How to use Alexa Skill Blueprint

Amazon summarizes the operation of this automatic system for creating skills in three steps:

  1. select the template from the catalog (among 12 Skill Blueprints divided into four categories: Fun and games, At home, Communities and organizations, Learning and knowledge);
  2. edit content preloaded to insert whatever you like;
  3. publish the Skill and manage their use locally or on any device compatible with Alexa.

There are no limits to the number of Skills that can be created. Here are some examples for the different categories:

  • At home
    • Personalized questions and answers: allows you to customize the answers to your questions
    • Guest: allows you to welcome your guests by providing them with useful information about the house and the neighborhood in which they are located
    • How many days left: you can enter an important date in Alexa to view the days left for that event
    • Who’s up to: allows Alexa to choose who’s up to something
    • Planning of chores: allows you to plan and monitor weekly chores for the whole family
  • Fun and games
    • What to do: Allows Alexa to randomly choose an item from a custom to-do list
    • Inspirations: allows you to create your own list of favorite inspirational phrases
    • Frecciatine: allows you to have fun with friends and relatives with funny arrows
    • Congratulations: allows you to praise friends and relatives with a list of personalized flatteries
  • Communities and organizations
    • Flash briefing: allows you to create daily or weekly content for your customers
    • University: allows you to publish lessons and lectures given by the speakers of your university
  • Learning and Knowledge
    • Flashcard: allows you to study, test yourself and master any subject with the use of your voice

All that remains is to use the imagination, in short: the high number of Alexa devices now available in Italian homes makes this possibility a valid shortcut to offer brands and content to a new audience, perhaps managing to intrigue him on a specific topic and then export it to other channels. For Amazon it is an opportunity to enrich the store, for brands it is an opportunity to expand its community, for individuals it is an opportunity for a smile and a few hours spent chatting with Alexa.

In case of doubts, moreover, all that remains is to ask Alexa herself: “Alexa, what is a Blueprint?

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