Alex Zanardi, the fear nobody wants to talk about


Zanardi’s wife is close to the champion, hospitalized in Siena after Friday’s accident. His son Niccolò, 22 years old, closed himself in a hotel room near the hospital.

The athlete suffered «An important situation from the point of view of brain damage» even if the neurological parameters are not yet assessable but the impact at the speed of 50 kilometers per hour with the truck also caused him a facial trauma, a facial noise. For this reason, an emergency operation was performed.

What is the facial noise? In medicine we talk about facial noise when most of the bones of the face, forehead, nose, orbit, cheekbone, upper jaw, jaw suffer trauma so violent to cause their fracture.

This is the most serious picture of fracture of the face and often the fractures are multiple and unstable and the bone fragments can move and deform the face. The purpose of the first surgery is to “Recompose the fractures”. Internal plates and screws are usually used to fix the bones.

Alex Zanardi was filming on his cell phone

A cameraman who follows Zanardi in his races would have said that the pilot was making videos with his cell phone while they were on the road from Pienza to San Quirico in the Val d’Orcia.

«He wanted to take the view while running». According to the testimony, the blue athlete would not have noticed that he had invaded the opposite lane. Those who followed behind him would have said that Zanardi would have been with the truck in front and that, in an attempt to brake or steer, he would have lost control of his vehicle.

Alex Zanardi, his wife next to him: “he will make it”

Giuseppe Olivieri, chief of neurosurgery at the Scotte di Siena hospital explained: “Zanardi arrived with a major facial trauma, he had two fractured frontal bones with sinking of the same plus what we call” facial crash “, that is, all broken facial bones».

Alex’s conditions are always very serious but stable

Doctors do not hide from Daniela, his wife, who are afraid of the neurological aspect. If all goes well, next week it will be possible to verify if Alex can begin, with the time needed, to build a third life.

The fear that nobody wants to talk about is that it could touch a fate like that of Michael Schumacher, which Alex has thought about a lot, almost tormenting himself for not being able to do anything for him.

Yesterday afternoon Anna, the mother, the most fragile of this very tight chain, she who also lost her husband, she who lost a daughter in a car accident, returned to Bologna, where she waits for the moment to be able to speak with her son .

Niccolò is closed in his pain in a hotel room a few hundred meters from the hospital. As almost twenty years ago, Daniela supervised that her husband “Succeed in the enterprise”. «I won’t leave him, I won’t leave him alone».

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