Alessio Gaudino dances, the gaffe (sensational) of the comedian – Libero Quotidiano


It doesn’t seem to have liked much Giorgio Panariello, to the young audience of Amici Speciali, the Tuscan comic actor was highly criticized during the final of the show in Maria De Filippi (won by Irama) for the irony that, according to some users on Twitter, would have “frozen” the situation (“He laughs only at his jokes”, commented more than one viewer), but above all for a rather incredible gaffe.

Alessio Gaudino brings on stage an exhibition inspired by the moving film The boy in the striped pajamas. Thunderous applause in the studio, and there are those who shed a tear. But Panariello admits that he does not know which film he is talking about. The only moment that seems to have conquered everyone is the “pernacchione“of 10 seconds that Panariello reserved to De Filippi as a penance for the game, obligation or truth, left to him by his friend Carlo Conti who did not feel he publicly humiliated the landlady.

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